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June 30, 2008 Leave a comment

I haven’t had a good rest since yesterday night. Couldn’t sleep the night before; well, I fell asleep but woke up due to hunger. No idea why. Usually I could just sleep it off. And had to run quite a few errands today. Got several to do tomorrow; I need to print out my plane ticket and accommodation confirmation, which means I need to go all the way to Law School to do it. Damn, I hate that hill!! And I need to pack!!! Arrggghhhh!!! Damn it!!

I love traveling. Just that the pre-departure errands just drives me insane!!

Hoho. So I started a blog and I’m off to somewhere else. Great, isn’t it? Hahaha 😛

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So here I am again

June 30, 2008 1 comment

I gave in. Especially since all my reasons for not blogging again is out of the window now that I am already graduating. My mom’s been bugging me to start blogging again. Yes, my own mother. And several others.

I told her about my other two blogs; my photoblog and my food blog. She said why not have just one which is personal to me? I told her I made those with a proper subject matter to talk in mind; one on the pictures I took in Norway, the other about food that I cook or bake or whip. Still, she insisted. My mom should be a lawyer instead of an economist. She seems to be able to come up with so many reasons to corner me into doing something.

The main reason my mom is pressuring me so much into blogging again is to regain the confidence in my ability to write again. I doubted my ability when I was in my first year. For the first time, I got very low marks for essay writing. Of course, I hated the module and didn’t do much research in it… Still, didn’t stop it from affecting me. Didn’t help the next year I failed a paper. Oh yeah, failing essay paper alright. Failing maths, now, that’s nothing to me now. However… writing? No, I stopped writing for the fun of it.

Didn’t help that in my first year, my blog was found by my personal tutor and I was reprimanded by him about it. Said that I made unfair statements about some of the tutors. However, I saved the posts that I wrote. I read it; I couldn’t find many criticisms. I did say one of my lecturers looked a bit too young to be our lecturer, but seriously? Is that a criticism? I would have taken it as a compliment. Still, I brought down that blog and didn’t blog for a while. I had an anonymous stint. Anonymous means, my mom didn’t know. I blogged quite a bit there… though not that much as well. Restricted, since it was anonymous. I didn’t want to give out my location much. Even though the said personal tutor left to another university, still, I was afraid. Now, I wonder what was I afraid of. Still, I’m going to take something from that incident; to not give away too many things. Not completely change things, since it gives quite a bit of a trouble for me as well to remember what is what. Also, since it was anonymous, I didn’t want my mom to know about it, so she doesn’t know about it.

My mom’s ever so supportive. She has a wide circle of friends and people that she knows… She’s an academic, by the way. So her circle had quite a lot of “learned” people. I do communicate with them. And you know that signature you could attach to your email? I included my blog URL then. My mom’s friends keep telling her how much like her I am from my writing ability, so she went to have a visit. She agreed, I can’t give that opinion. To be honest, I’ve never read anything my mom writes since it is not in my field; even if I did read them, I’ve no idea what she’s talking about. Gini coefficient? What is that? Poverty, yes I may know, just the general idea though. Still… I’m clueless with a lot of things she writes about. I also have yet to go to any of her talks. Maybe I’ll attend her inaugural lecture… If I’m around…

Those people also told me how I should continue writing when I went back on my first summer. Wow… I didn’t know people realized that I brought it down.

They did tell me to have a journal of my time in university before I left, so I told them I’ll blog about it. They thought I was cheating myself when I brought down the blog and didn’t even keep a personal journal. It pays when I’m older, they say, to look back of what I’ve achieved.

Frankly, university life has been so tough for me. Being here wasn’t exactly my choice. Complicated complicated. Won’t bother you with those… I’m graduating in less than 3 weeks; lets put this episode behind us. What I’ve learned and gone through would affect the way I write. Trust me, I am not the same person I was in my first year. I was too pessimistic then. Trust me Beda, I’m more optimistic and hopeful now. Always thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Learning about the issues have told me we’re not so bad after all. On what I’m talking about, that’ll be one of the things I’ll develop in this blog.

So I’m starting to blog again. In the middle of the night, when I’m awake most of the time. I do my work at night, when the moon is up. Moon, that’s the meaning of my blog’s URL; Lewanna. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, I just thought that it was a nice name with a nice meaning. I wanted Selene initially, the Greek goddess of the moon, but that name was taken already. Oh well. Lewanna is something unusual anyway.

Camera, cartoons and cakes; pretty much what I like, I think.

Current obsession is my camera; I love my Nikon Coolpix p5100 that Beda recommended. It’s just… aahhhh. I love photography now. My header picture? It’s one of the first pictures I took with my camera. I love bees even though they make me sneeze badly when they fly by me (I’m allergic to pollen, birch’s especially. Was absolutely miserable last year when I had a birch just outside my window). I especially like then when they’re busy working and flying from flower to flower. That was what I was doing then; taking picture of bees. Was almost late for my appointment at the health center then. Haha.

Cartoons; I still watch them. I love them so much, may it be Disney or Dreamworks… Whether it’s a movie or series. I watch Tom and Jerry nowadays. I bought the DVD set for the whole series. I love them. I also watch South Park. I haven’t started on American Dad or Family Guy though. Oh, another one; Drawn Together. First cartoon reality TV. Absolutely ridiculous. Though haven’t watched it for quite some time. Haha.

I like Winnie the Pooh for some reason. Not watching it though… I like the merchandise. My files for my notes are Winnie the Pooh. My pencil box is a Winnie the Pooh one. I have two stuffed Eeyore (because Faliq bought the same one that I got; both of us didn’t know and we bought it about the same time. Still, for me, there’s no such thing as too many Eeyores :D), an Easter collection of them in bunny and duck suits… My notebooks as well. I just like the Disney version of their drawings. I am a 21 year old who still acts like a 12 year old, with my love for cartoons and stuffed animals. Oh, wanted to add stuffed animals too, but it didn’t start with a C, so I opted it out. Cartoon could explain it as well… Though to be honest, when I thought about what to name my blog, it was the first things that came into my mind.

Cakes… Could be cookies too. Somehow cakes came first, so I used it. Cakes for my love for baking. Nowadays I’m baking like there’s no tomorrow. Sadly, I don’t like to eat what I bake. I blame my stomach for it. As I have a limited capacity of what I consume, since I know how to bake the things, I prefer tasting other people’s cookies. Oh, this is during Eid. I’m the baker in the family; everyone else cooks, though I could, horribly, according to their standards (so just imagine if you could eat a meal that my family cooks!! Yum!!). So the whole time I bake, I don’t really eat what I’ve made. Hey, I could eat those whenever I want. I want to eat so-and-so’s cookies now. Ahh.. the joy of celebrating Eid at my mom’s hometown. However, now that I have started baking outside of the time near Eid… I realize… I just love baking. I need to find people to feed my cookies to. Which was why I brought so many of my cookies down to London when I was down there to pick up my mom last week. I also love eating cakes; that I buy, sadly. My cakes tend to be plain. I’m not big with presentation. Even though art was my best subject, I usually score on the theory side. I’m not very creative when it comes to making things look pretty. Very boring when it comes to presentation. And I love cream!! Yum!!! Doesn’t help that when I go back home, Secret Recipe is just in front of the house… Oh damn!!