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Ice cream!!!

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I likey!! πŸ˜€ Baskin Robbins Malaysia is still having their 31% off on every 31st. Weee!! I loves them!!

Just that I am a bit disappointed I didn’t get the flavor I want. I’m a bit jaded with chocolate chocolate and more chocolate. You know how Ben & Jerry’s can be. They really believe that chocolate is a girl’s best friend and that she wouldn’t need a break from it. Still, in the end… I can’t remember what is the name of the flavor I got, but it has a vanilla ice cream base, with cookie crumbles with some of them coated with chocolate, chocolate pieces and caramel ribbons.

Oh well…

However, I am really annoyed with the working people. Annoying as hell!! They would take some number…. Alright I would have to explain the system first…

As they have the offer every 31st (thus the offer only happens when the month have a 31st, like January, July, Aug, etc. Months like February and November do not have the offer), Baskin Robbins know how crowded it would get. So they have this queuing system, where you take a number and wait for your number to be called.

Those uncivilized would take the number and go and have their lunch…Β  And when they’re gone, the people serving would be calling out their number on top of their lungs… Obviously no one will respond as no one around in the shop has that number… So the number called continues.

Then those idiots come back and demand for them to be served, since their number was called before.

I think it is grossly unfair that these people could get away with both. That just shows how uncivilized even professionals in Malaysia are. And you want us to be considered first world country? Please!! With that kind of thinking, there’s still a LOOOOONNNGGGG way to go!! You should line up and wait for your turn!! You think you’re the only one whose time is ticking? Time waits for NO man, which means that time doesn’t wait for us as well.

Stupid jokers. Even stupider are the people who actually serve them.

I can’t stand these impatient people who cut lines. How awfully RUDE.




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more cat pictures

The ginger hamster is me, and the other one is either Faliq or my mom.

Though I think the situation hardly arise when I go out with my mom anymore.

Heeee. So cute!!

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I love reading that blog. It’s amazing. It makes you realize that you’re not alone. Though it doesn’t help you feel belonged, you still have the knowledge that you’re not odd; there are other people who’s going through the same thing.

And that’s a wonderful feeling.

However, for me, the best thing about PostSecret is the fact that it uses homemade postcards. I like best those that are handwritten.

My writing slants to the left, but I write with my right hand.

My mom has criticized time and again how can my writing slant to the left, and that I must be the only one who writes that way. She finds it really odd that my writing slants to the left but I write with my right hand.

I know there’s no way I can tell if the secret’s author writes with their left or right hand, but every time I see such writing, I get extremely happy.

I also brought back one of the feedback on one of my essays because the examiner’s writing slants to the left. I had framed it and had put it on my mom’s dressing table.

Just to remind her, every day, when she’s getting ready, that I’m not lying when I say I know someone whose writing slants to the left as well.

And it annoys her to no end.

The comment is now in my room, and has been taken out from the frame. I don’t need to be reminded of the fact.

I am no longer bothered that my writing slants to the left. I do believe that we write the way we do due to our personality.

And the fact that so few people write with a left slants means I’m special.

Shopping List

July 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Screw it… Since I made one list, I might as well make another… And it helps that blogs have dates!! I made a list on a post it and pasted it on my dressing table… Somehow it got lost. Hrmph.

  • Lipbalm
  • Bluetack
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Colgate toothpaste
  • Green Tea Olive Oil (it works wonders on your hair)
  • Nail buffer
  • Eyedrops
  • Facial wipes
  • ZA Two way foundation cake refills. I love this foundation. The rare times I now wear foundation. Weird that now my skin is clearer that I’m lazy to wear any make up. Hmmm…
  • Small shark clips for my long fringe. A bit bothersome, but I don’t want to get bangs!!
  • Tweezers, because I stupidly left my superb one in England. Probably splurge and get a Shu Uemura one. Wahaha. Am not sure what is its brand already though. Haha
  • Hair masque. Any recommendations?
  • Shower gel. Damn, I really don’t know which should I get…
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder; because it smells neutral.
  • Dettol
  • Those adorable cute plasters.
  • Shades
  • Sandals/ selipar Jepun. Hahaha.
  • Rattan baskets
  • Mengkuang bekas-like thingies… Okay I don’t know how to describe it ok!!
  • Shorts
  • HCSD cards just one though…
  • External hard drive for my pictures; 30gb will be too small!!!! 160GB πŸ˜€ I named it “Beep.” Heee
  • A “housewarming gift” for Beda from Sarawak, even though I wouldn’t be going to her new place anymore. Sniff sniff. I absolutely adore your apartment!!!
  • A new mp3 player. Mine literally fell apart few days ago. It fell off my bed. Heee
  • A gift for my mom, using her money. How nice. Her hanging drawers from IKEA for her hijabs.
  • Screen protector for my p5100; oh and a cover as well…
  • A bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I earn my own keep and be able to keep a pet. I want a white lop!!
  • A night light. Ended up with a table lamp from IKEA. However, I got a energy saving bulb so it’ll be dim
  • Caplang handbag; because I’m too scared to use my designer bags. Hahaha
  • A watch

I’ll continue when I remember. I love mega sale. I hate that I am not earning. Sigh…

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What I need…

July 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I see that my blog is somewhat turning into my wardrobe… If one can actually define their wardrobe in words.

Here, I’m going to be making a list of things I need to shop for. Will be putting a link at the side of the blog for me to keep track whether I’ve gotten the things… Well it’ll just be lose definition of things. Won’t be too specific, like, say… Navy Big Pony Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt. Hehehe. Ok wait, is that how it is described? Ah well. Mine would just be like this:

  • Belt
  • Waist belt… or maybe colorful wide ribbons instead. Hmmm…
  • Shirts
  • Tops; casual. Like Ts but not T-shirts. I’m complicated
  • Blue shirt!!!! I have too many pinks!!!
  • Strappy heels. I don’t care. I want more. There’s no such thing as “too many shoes.” Oh, I don’t need pumps; got them in England.
  • Skirts that are more formal looking…
  • Jeans!!!! I truly regret now for sending my stuff via container. Huhu. Nonetheless, it is the Mega Sale!! Weeee!!!!
  • Something formal for a dinner, but not too fancy, as I’ll be amongst boring Social Scientist. Hehehe. Ahh… benefits of my contacts!! Free dinner. Blek πŸ˜› (Note to self: This need to be purchased by this weekend; you’re going to Kuching next week!!! Find after MSLS if need be!!)

Why do I feel as if I’ve listed out every type of clothing I wear except for T-shirts? Hrmph. I am so unadventurous and too lazy to define things. I sooo need money!!! I am so taking up the offer of ironing clothes for my friend/dentist!!

Edit:Β  I absolutely love Cats Whiskers and πŸ˜‰

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Random facts about my wardrobe

July 28, 2008 Leave a comment

It would make a kampung person embarrassed!! Seriously!! Such horrible conditions!! Eaten by moth… moles everywhere… seriously!!!!!!

I have quite a few T-shirts which I’ve had since I was 7. My goodness!! Do I hate shopping that much?

Most of my T-shirts have cartoon prints on them. Hehehe. I don’t like boring plain Ts. Shirts, on the other hand…

We have waaayyyyy too many hangers!! Good thing I wasn’t crazy enough to bring back my hangers from England!! Of all things!!!

I really am a material snob. Man… About half of my tailored clothes are made from silk, the rest cotton. Only 3 are man-made material; mainly because my mom didn’t want me dirtying my clothes when I’m back at the village. Even at the age of 20, I still played with dirt with my cousins. Ridiculous, really. Or maybe because I was the only other cousin available for her to play with… Hmmm. Oh, this said cousin is only 5. Haha. When I was 5, we (4 of us, 2 boys and 2 girls) came back with mud covering us from head to toe. Okay I’m exaggerating. Haha. However, that has happened!! When it rained heavily. We had a habit of playing in the rain. Okay, I still do, even in England. Hahaha. πŸ˜›

Most of the things that I’m giving to my cousins are not really hand me downs; more than half I have never even tried!! Hehe. This is due to my laziness in shopping and my mom’s rather different taste. She thinks I should wear more feminine colors. I think I have too many pink-whatever. And my mom always thinks I’m much bigger than I actually am. Super annoying.

I love the time when I was in Taylor’s. I got to be proud of my heritage through my clothing. I have Chinese-looking tops (which really made me look Chinese) and quite a number of baju kurung thanks to my stint there. I still wore baju kurung when I’m in England; usually when I wake up with barely enough time to get ready and no time to choose an outfit. However, this happens very rarely as it would be too bloody cold to wear baju kurung in the Midlands.

I absolutely hate Thai silk (sorry Dee!!) as a material but absolutely love the colors they come up with. It takes forever to iron and creases easily. Urghh!! Still, didn’t stop me from having 5 outfits with it. Hehehe.

I have this top which has the weirdest material combination. Linen and some man-made material. Maybe nylon? Basically, a material that melts easily. With linen. What in the world??? Clearly I wasn’t thinking about how to iron it when I bought it, as it is so pretty. However, now it shows the telltale of hot iron accidentally touching the sensitive man-made material. Sigh. Doesn’t look so pretty anymore…

My mom just gave me an amazing nyonya kebaya top, made out of French lace. And it is my size!! Well, maybe snug a bit here and lose a bit there… Not telling where. πŸ˜›

All the skirts I own are either black, or white, or black and white. :S

I can fit into my kains but not my kebaya tops. Arrggghhhhh!!!!

My slacks are missing. Where in the world are they??? MSLS is coming soon!!!!

I really need to change my wardrobe. Desperately. Which means I need a job that pays, desperately.

Not one that I do with my mom. No more. I didn’t even get to see the damn money, goddamn it!!

“Oh? I thought it was to pay for your ticket to go back to England?”


Random: I want to get Beep.

Beeeeeepppp!!!! Where are you oh my dear Beep???

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I woke up ridiculously late just now; I feel horrible. Sigh.

The post on petrol is taking a bit too long. I’m getting bored with it.

So I’m tidying my room. Or more like, making it messier by going through my wardrobe.

Damn I have a lot of old T-shirts. What the hell did I wear to go out???

Gahh. I sooo need to shop. Sadly, no income is coming in. 😦

I sooo need a job. Sigh.

Something that wouldn’t tie me down here though…


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