Back in England

Not for long though. Well, I would be here for 3 days; then up to Scotland. Weee!!! Finally, after 3 years living in England. Well, took me about the same amount of time before I went to Wales anyway. Lets assume that Northern Ireland is part of Ireland for this discussion; I’ve been to Ireland too. Hahaha. Considering that the plan was to study in NI for a year… It really didn’t make sense to have a trip there. Now that I am not going… Well… That’s another story. I still have yet to receive an email from the Admission’s Office on how to fill in the stupid form. This is ridiculous. Will email the Law School tomorrow. Hrmph.

I got my Deborah DeDreba from Prague. Hahaha. She wears a T-shirt with no pants. Tsk tsk. Hahaha. Oh well. Too bad it is not anything that sounds Czech… I’ve been wanting to name one of my sheep that!! And stop asking me to give Theresa Von Terasa an Irish sounding name. And especially not Murphy. That’ll just be ridiculously freaky. And I don’t want orang lain yang terasa tiba-tiba pulak. Or maybe just perasan, though the latter maybe unlikely. I name my sheep whatever I want; those that got their name before Theresa was named by Faliq… Hence some of the ridiculous name. He named one of my sheep Chombee Mumba. Chombee because… I don’t know… Because I’m Malay and it is such a kampung name? And Mumba after Samantha Mumba. Oh, I should mention that Chombee is a black sheep (no Rainbow sheep in my collection; just those wearing a scarf and with shamrocks on one side) and that Samantha Mumba’s Irish, in case any of you didn’t know…

Prague Prague… My mom went insane a bit with the crystals. We had a bit of a problem trying to pack our luggage. I was trying to imagine if Faliq was around; if he’ll encourage my mom to buy even more. The crystals made my mom really really happy. And with such a happy face, how could I discourage her from buying anyway? I am still trying to discourage her from buying fine china though… It’s ridiculous!! We’re not using ours anyway!!!!! Gahh!! I’ve got a big problem when one owns something and you don’t use it. For decorating purposes is still using it, by the way. You still look at it and derive pleasure from looking at it.

I didn’t take as many pictures in Prague like I did for Norway. Can’t dedicate a whole blog for it. I don’t know… Somehow, going with my mom… I had no mood for taking pictures. Prague was beautiful, don’t get me wrong… Yes, there’s a but coming along… However, I don’t know what to say after the said “but”… So I’ll leave it hanging that way.

Prague was beautiful. Architecturally. Brought out that little girl who used to read history of architecture (or is it architectural history?) in me. Well, I’m still her, I suppose… Just that I can’t pick and choose what I like to read to cover my spare time. Actually… Now I can, being the professional grape picker that I am and not searching for another job. Still, I don’t know where those books are. Farid called me crazy… or maybe along those lines anyway. He, being an architectural student, didn’t enjoy reading about it and I did when I was younger was just plain mad, I suppose. I found them beautiful though; absolutely amazing that they could come up with those designs. I used to be able to tell what designs were what and from what year. Now, if I could actually tell what design is what (apart from Gothic)… I’m lucky. I can’t remember what designs were from what era already. And if design is the right word for it even. Horrible horrible. Sad that now my interest lies in human rights… But I don’t support the idea. Or at least, I don’t believe in a “universal level of human rights.” I believe it needs to be adjusted to culture. Lalala… I won’t talk about that just yet. 😉

And I have nothing else to talk about. Haha. Seriously, I don’t know what to say about my trips. I prefer letting the pictures tell the story; it’s mostly sights. I enjoyed myself; I definitely did. Just that, ironically, I think, that I feel that I can spend freely when my mom’s not around than when my mom is… I suppose since when she’s not around, I don’t have to defend my purchase before I get them rather than when it’s already too late. Oh, she does want me to shop more… Just… on more ‘important” things for a young woman; clothes. Rather than stuffed lamb. Sigh.

Good thing I’m not going to Belfast then!! Imagine, every time I cross the border to Ireland, I get another sheep. Hahahahahahahaha. To a point that if a kid enters my room and see my sheep collection, they would think that every sheep has a shamrock on it. Nyek nyek. Then those Oxfordshire charities would have to change their so called “politically correct” rendition of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” (the black is changed to “rainbow” even though there’s no such thing. However, considering that the LGBT symbol is usually the a rainbow flag… could it be that the sheep is being “discriminated” or pointed out because it is gay?) to Baa Baa Shamrock Sheep. But I suppose that would be the task of some Irish county’s council? Do they have such thing there as well? Local government crap in England confuses me enough as it is, to be honest.

… Though, now that I think about it… Baa Baa Shamrock Sheep might make it look as if the whole world are discriminating the Irish.

Why can’t we see things differently? Is it really discriminating that the black/rainbow/shamrock is being put to attention? Isn’t it actually flattering for the sheep? Especially since we actually ask the black/rainbow/shamrock sheep whether it has any wool left for us? Isn’t it like saying “hey!! I prefer the black sheep’s wool than the white!!” However, then there would be problems of affirmative action… And I’m sure most Malaysians wouldn’t want that!! Especially the Chinese, yes? Positive discrimination is a big no no in Malaysia.

Oh who am I kidding. I’m racist too!! No need to be shy in admitting it. “Everyone’s a little bit racist” sang the cast of Avenue Q. Even though having puppets makes talking about the “sensitive subject of race” makes it more acceptable… When you think about it… Those words were really the words of Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, since they wrote the songs and lyrics (Jeff Whitty could be pardoned since he wrote the book).

Ahhh… (in)equality. The wonders of it. Sigh. I very much regret not studying harder. Still, what’s in the past is in the past. I’ll learn what I can from whatever source I can. This LLB has taught me enough, I think.

Damn, what was supposed to be an entry on my trip to Prague ended up as my talking about… I don’t know. Being politically incorrect?

Off to sleep now. No idea when will I next blog. Probably tomorrow though not hoping much.

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