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I know it is not really a word… Still… my life is so hectic right now. Going from places to places. London, then back here, and off to Prague, then back, and off to Sheffield and drop by and Mansfield at McArthur Glen to shop, and off to York tomorrow morning and to Edinburgh from there the next day. And after that… Oh my, I’m not gonna think about that. I think I’m going to sleep. I thought of making you people jealous of my shopping trip at McArthur Glen. It’s an outlet; amazing stuff. Bought tea for one teapot from Whittard which has a sheep on it!! Hahaha. Too bad that I don’t have a picture of it since I’ve packed it properly in the box which Faliq gave me Robin the Eeyore (I feel soooo bad depriving Robin his “home” that I will hand carry it with me back to Malaysia. New home: Nani’s hand luggage. Haha :P) in for my birthday. In there is Scott McHitam, Theresa von Terasa, Moses the Sheep and 2 other figurines that I think I won’t name here since their names are a bit too near to two of my tutors’ names… Ahhh!!! Train is at 7.52 and I’m still blogging. Alright!! Once I get back from Scotland!! Or maybe when I’m in Scotland. Bringing my laptop. Have to. Sigh. Since some stuff on the bookings I have yet to settle. Sigh… Oh well…

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