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On my last post

Oh my… I didn’t look at my News feed on Facebook. I should have checked before I posted the entry 😛 Seems that I should have… So I’ll tell how my words should be interpreted; strictly. Oh, there’s this guy among my friends–not going to tell who since he is quite famous, shall we say, and I wouldn’t want to announce it for people to know :P–who just posted a picture of a flat. Now, is the grammar right, Faliq? Don’t be shy to correct me, which I’m sure you’re not. Leave a comment or something. Anyway, just one side of the shoe. So I’m confused a bit. Anyway, yes… He said that he would marry the girl who wants a pair of that particular design shoes.

In my last post, I meant, just sexually turned on. You don’t need to be married to be turned on, right? There’s a lot of things one could interpret when it comes to choice of shoes; I’m going to interpret that the reason why this guy wants to marry a girl who would like to have that pair of shoes (it’s a brand which my uncle has been trying to get me to buy. Just one would be enough, he said. Even provided me with the money. I told him I picked 100 pairs of my usual brand over that any time. I’m no Carrie Bradshaw; I don’t need labels. I just want loads of shoes) as, due to its brand and the fact that they are flats, that he wants a practical girl who is confident enough about herself that she doesn’t feel the need to torture herself to look pretty by wearing killer heels that kill her feet. 😉 And I am confident that he would want his wife to wear some kinky shoes in some fantasy of his. Hahahahaha 😛

Damn…. Can’t think of a name for this category; on shoes. Most of my recent categories are named after songs, but the only song on shoes that comes to my mind is “Open Toes” by Katherine McPhee. I hate open toes, for some reason. Hurts my feet a bit too much; the biting of my toes. Not worth it. Not that great either.

Sigh. How how how???

Ooooo. Nearest would be “Love is my Legs” from the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Ridiculously funny song. Hahaha. Or maybe “Cold Feet”. Loads of tapping in that song. From another musical; The Drowsy Chaperone. Hmmmm….

Love is my Legs wins. Because the song is sillier and I like Norbert Leo Butz more than Troy Britton Johnson even though the latter is more good looking. Hahahahahaha.

Oh yes, I am in Scotland right now; Edinburgh. Hopefully we’ll be able to get on the tour, which goes as far to Loch Ness. Coolness!!

Gaahhh!! I’m still hearing “theft!!” in a bloody thick Scottish accent every time someone talks to me. Goddamn it!! Faliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiqqqqq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

And I see you have been reading my blog during work!! Haha. Go do your work weiii!!!!!! 😛

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