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On the way to Edinburgh

Wonderful. York was absolutely gorgeous. And Castle Howard is really amazing. Whoa. Those of you who lives up north should really go there. I think it is more amazing that Warwick Castle. However, if you like medieval stuff, Warwick Castle would be better. Still, I am amazed. I have the pictures in my memory card. Am transferring them now; not going to load them yet though. Too lazy to shrink them. Haha. Loads of pictures. 😉 The amount is like Prague, to be honest. Just, not like Norway. Hahahaha.

Anyway, my jakunness needs to be admitted; I’m on the train to Edinburgh from York now… And I am absolutely amazed that there is internet connection on the train!! Amagad!! When I saw the click for wireless connection thingy on my screen, I was like, “ah, should be the ones nearby”… I was so wrong!! Got a connection!! I mean, I’ve seen it advertised when I was on my way from Durham to York, but I was too lazy to take out my laptop. Now I am well and truly amazed since it is true.

Scottish accent just tickles me. I keep wanting to go “theft!!” and “Bratty!!” for no reason. Damn you Faliq!! Gahh!! And to think there’s no particular word that I can remember from CJPS. Sigh. Oh well…

Anyway, typed this out when we were on our way to York… Didn’t bring anything to read…


7th July 2008 @ 0854

I’m on my way to York now. Brought my laptop along as I would need to check on some things tonight on my booking for the room in Edinburgh. Not that it is that heavy, though I could do with a MacAir or something like that. Hehe. I so want a Mac!! Sex and the City just made me want a Mac even more. Still, I am quite content with my current Dell. Nothing much of an improvement anyway, changing to a Mac. It’ll be cool… but I think that’s about it. Haha. A laptop is a laptop, whatever brand it is. To me anyway. 😉 And since I don’t actually make a living out of writing—or at least not yet; who knows what the future will bring?—I don’t think I really need a new laptop. After all, my current one is less than a year old. My mom discovered my receipt for the spilled curry anyway. Hahahaha. She wasn’t that mad over it as I thought she might be. Thank goodness.

Still, it’ll be nice to have a Mac. Since it is quite light and would have a bigger screen. I argued like hell with my mom to get a 14″. She wanted me to have the smallest possible that was reasonably priced (No VAIO for me since I think you’re just paying for the brand even though it is pretty). Saw a 12″ one on Dell’s website but I just refused to give in. I wanted a 15.4″ one. Hahaha. Tough when you have a mother who is more fashion-conscious than her teenage daughter, I think. It is complicated, in a way. She doesn’t ever want me to feel inferior when it comes to goods that I own and she can afford. I’m forever grateful for that. It’s just that sometimes she wants the much more technical savvy things that her colleagues who are in the, say, science and technology department who actually need those techy stuff. I, on the other hand, just want a good computer which I could do my assignment, watch online shows if needed, be able to download songs and allows me to surf online with high speed. That’s all that is important to me. Also, for me, the bigger the screen the better. I am “practically blind” with power of 600 for each eye. My glasses gives me headaches due to its weight, which is the main reason I wear contact lenses. I prefer the way I look with glasses, to be honest. More things to help me hide my face. Anyway, when I went to check my eye sight and we discovered that my power increased yet again, she decided, fine, get the big screen then; but not too big!! So here I am, a compromise for both of us, between 12″ and 15.4″; a 14″, since the 13″ one used Vista as the OS. I wanted an XP since I was worried if the things I had in England could not support Window’s Vista. Thank goodness I did, because I have a friend who can’t use her printer as she’s currently using Vista.

I am sleepy, but York isn’t the last stop for this train, and the trip up takes less than an hour. I’m worried if I’ll miss the station. Still, would be a long day ahead; will be going around York!! Weee!!! Might even go to Castle Howard. Hopefully the weather will be all right. Forecast shows that it’ll be drizzling. Oh well. Would be great if it was sunny, but cloudy without the rain would be fine as well. Anything is better than rain.

Damn!! I’m yawning away. Maybe I should get some shut eye till we get to the next stop!! I wanted to talk about my trip to Sheffield, initially, but maybe I’ll just do that later at night.


OMG sheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just outside the window!!!! Amagad!!! Hahahahaha. Hopefully I would be able to see sheep in Edinburgh. Hahaha. Oh!! I got an adorable sheep plushie in York. Will be posting its picture. 😉 Haven’t come up with a name though. Hahahaha.

I should really change the name of the category of my travels man… Especially since the only travel I went on a plane is from EMA to Prague. Others have been on the train. Will be taking the train back down as well… The next plane would be back to Malaysia on MAS. Ahhh… Home!!! Won’t be too long now!! Would definitely miss the UK, I’m sure…

I think I’ll talk about the other things in the next post 😉

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