Seems that I’ve been shopping ever since I was in Prague. My mom went crazy over crystals there (I know I have yet to blog about my Prague trip; I’ll do that after this) while I went souvenir hunting (I’m afraid I couldn’t find anything that interesting that would remind you of me. Yes, it is important for me that I get a gift that you will remember “yes, Nani gave that to me when she was in {insert from where}.” And there would be something on the gift that tells you where I got it from. Eg. The sheep [apart from Nina who got a leprechaun] with the shamrocks I got you when I was in Dublin. Can’t be from Lake District, can it?), off to East Midlands McArthur Glen and bought things that I would detail after this, and shoe shopping in York, though to be honest, I just tried on those that I knew that I would never get when my mom’s around; the ridiculously high heels that I love. Hahahaha.

A former friend (tough; I met her in high school and I can no longer be bothered to keep in touch since she can’t be bothered to respond to anything unless when I’m in England; that is when she scold me for going back “too early”, regardless of the fact that I was in Malaysia for 4 months. Absolutely ridiculous) once said that I like kinky shoes a bit too much; shoes that usually comes into people’s sexual fantasy. Which I shouldn’t wear since I’m not interested in marriage or even the other sex. That is rather unfair, right? I love those shoes. Why just because my taste runs along the “slutty” kind when it comes to shoes and just because I am not interested in men must I not wear them? So does it mean that bitter feminist who hates men should never wear lacy, sexy, pretty and oh-so-comfortable underwear? That would go against what they’ve been fighting for; discrimination!!!!!!

To be honest, I don’t think they’re kinky; they’re absolutely gorgeous!! It’s just that she’s absolutely jealous of me that I could actually run in stiletto heels. The sign of a true high heels wearer. Hahaha. And to do that in strappy and stiletto heels… Why shouldn’t anyone be jealous eh? 😉 Never fell, by the way. Nyek nyek. I was always late for my classes when I was in A-levels; Subang Jaya jam can be an absolute nightmare. And being allowed to wear whatever shoes to class was amazing. So I always wore strappy heels to class, and would always have to run to get to my first class on time.

Anyway, I would have loved to get at least 3 pairs of those heels. Absolutely gorgeous and amazingly comfortable. My mom thinks my feet looked strained, but then she is biased; she’s a 50+ year old woman who has back pain and weak knees. Long way to go for me; let me enjoy it now and make the suffering worth it. Hahaha. I dream of my first pay cheque (Okay, actually my second *stick tongue outs*. Got my second year return ticket with my first pay cheque. Felt exhilarated and satisfied on the flight), where I could buy any kind of shoes without needing to justify to my mom why I bought it. Now, even though I don’t have to justify the amount so much (especially since I hide most of them!! ;)), I need to justify why I bought it. And saying that I like it is not enough. Oh, I don’t have to justify the price since I always keep within my budget 😉 My mom once said that “I’ll be giving you the same amount of money every time. It’ll be your choice, what you want to do with it. If you get something expensive, you can only get few of them; when you get something cheaper, you’ll get more.” I’m willing to sacrifice on comfort, especially in Malaysia where we don’t walk that much, especially when it means that I get more choices. And being blind to the brands (I mean, seriously, the only way for other people to know what is the brand of your shoes is for you to take them off. So no chance of knowing!!), I get the cheapest and prettiest that I can get; though it must look good on my feet, obviously. Comfort only play a small part; so long as I can walk comfortably in it without it hurting the pads of my feet, it’s fine. Even if it bites other part of my feet, it’s alright. I would wear it out. 😉 Nothing stops me when it comes to shoes.

My feet hurt a little bit due to the amount of shoes I tried. Some of the leather weren’t soft, though it would be, with time. Still, I didn’t get any. My mom got two pairs. One of them, I insisted she got them; they were so her. The design that she likes, they’re wedges (I hate wedges), the softest leather ever, and 60% off!! What an absolute bargain!! Just that it is a little bit too big for a feet. They didn’t have a size 5. To hell with it, we swiped it off anyway. Hahaha. I’m jealous right now. Nevertheless, I got 3 pairs of shoes when I was at McArthur Glen; no heels though. I like none that was available. Got 2 pairs of adorable flats (soooo not kinky. If ever a guy gets turned on by flats, that guy is soooo sad. Hahaha) and a pair with one-inch heels. To qualify to be considered “heels” by Nani, the shoes need to be at least 2 inches high. 😉 I so very the hate the fact that I am tall. One thing to not look forward to when I go back to Malaysia; most girls would be shorter than me. Sigh. Why can’t I be 5’2″ or something? Still, to cheap strappy heels in 12 more days!! Weee!!!

Got body butter and lip balm from Body Shop in York. Want to get that 5 quid “gift”. To be honest, those in Ireland get the better deal, since they get 10 Euros worth of whatever they want. So unfair!! Damn, if only I was really going to Belfast. Sigh. And damn it!! They have yet to respond to my email. Sigh.

Oooooo!! I’m already in Scotland. Where exactly, I’ve no idea. Hahaha. First time in Scotland. Wonder will I go visit the Scottish Parliament. Where we wanted to go when we were preparing for the Devolution tutorial in first year. Haha. Break into it. Ridiculous. Haha.

Oh, and my adorable new sheep!! Here it is:

Gahh… I’ll post it up later. Taking a bit too long to get the thingy for posting pictures. Oh well…

Amagad I can see the sea!! This is what happens when you live in the Midlands; you get excited when you see the sea. Damn!! There are people who lives by the seaside. I’m so jealous!!!!

Oh dear… I’ll continue with my blabbing of my shopping later; arriving Edinburgh soon!!!

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