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OMG. I must be insane to travel that much. Thank goodness will be in East Midlands for quite some time now… I need to rest before the idiotic and tiring graduation. Urgh. Unbelievable that I’m attending something formal in this country, when I actually come from a country that is full of protocol and such. I absolute hate formal occasions, where you need to dress formally and be at your absolute best behavior. I hope to God that my mom would no longer drag me to those silly weddings where I have nothing else to do but stare at the empty plate with my stomach growling while VIPs that the couple have never met in their entire life sprinkle water and throw things at them, supposedly “blessing” their marriage. I just don’t get it when your parents boss come to your wedding, supposedly “blessing” the marriage when they have never met the couple. I mean, seriously, go back to the traditional custom where members of the family bless the marriage instead of supposedly “important” people!!!

Still… I don’t think I’ll be catching up here any time soon. Too bloody tired. Yesterday was a nightmare on the tube!! Maybe later will catch up. Gonna shower and going to go around campus, since the weather is wonderful today. Though my nose is giving me a huge problem. Damn my allergies and the dry weather!! When is the anti-histamine and the steroids working. Miserable miserable miserable. Why am I such a sickly person? Oh my, I envy people who has such insignificant allergies; like my seafood allergies. Still, lets hope the amazing campus would compensate this annoying uncomfortable feeling!!

I also have this entry that I have yet to finish; was typing on my way back here… Though since we had to change trains, I couldn’t finish it. And I seem to can’t finish it still since I’m soooo tired. Cooked and baked the whole of Friday!! Only went to bed at 4 when our train was at 7.30. Absolutely ridiculous. Tasha, I’m sorry that we couldn’t meet to pass you the cookies. Also had karipap for you. Still, lucky you for not coming out yesterday. Absolute absolute nightmare!! Gahh!!

Off to shower and photography session!! 😀

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