Ahhh… So I finally got my boxes that I ordered!! I’m happily packing away. Can’t believe how relieved I am now that the boxes are here and all I have to do is pack. Though to be honest, packing is a big headache as well. Still, I’m relieved it is here and I could do the packing. Will be sorting out my clothes; which one to parcel and which one to bring home with me. My mom told me, “make sure you’ll have clothes when you’re back home!!!” Hahaha. I do remember I have a pair of jeans back home, so I’m not so worried.

Ahh… shopped for more shoes again today. And yet again, both my mom and I fell in love with the same pair of shoes. Haha. It happened once last winter when she was here, and again now. Nyek nyek. Got my awesome hand cream that I will definitely miss (M&S White peach and almond. Man, I love the smell!!)… Ahh… I know I’ll definitely miss England. Well, even if I were to do my LLM, I wouldn’t be in Britain. Still, Ireland is just next door anyway.

Didn’t cut my hair in the end. Was too busy getting other things. My mom’s one happy woman, with the china she found at the charity shops. I wasn’t sure how I was going to cut my hair anyway. And the nearer it got to the graduation day, the more I thought it wasn’t worth paying about 30 quid to just get a trim. I mean, seriously, the same amount in ringgit (about rm210, still following the easy 1 pound = rm7 exchange rate) would mean that I would be able to get my hair colored, permed or whatever else I want, with proper treatment and everything!! I know that your graduation picture would be the same your whole life. Still!! There’s such thing as photoshop nowadays!! Haha. Do ignore the fact that I don’t even have the program on my computer. Hahaha.

I’ll be straightening it in the morning before I leave. Like my natural hair. God, I can’t wait to chop off my curls. Wonder what hair style will I adopt after this. Hmmmm… Come Monday, I’ll redo my hair!! Wahaha!!

Off to eat dinner now. I’ve written about my mom’s karipap empire, but I’m afraid that I’ll only be able to blog about that later. Like mother like daughter, she has a deadline due; tomorrow. Haha. Canadian time, if I’m not mistaken. Nyek nyek. Luckily!!

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