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I’m not so sure how long it’ll be. I have waaayyyy too many drafts to be finished. Sigh. Packing is hell. Graduation was tiring. The last 36 hours here is stressful. Doesn’t help that I won’t be going onto the plane straight from here; we’ll be driving to Stoke-upon-Trent. Sigh. So don’t bother dropping by to procrastinate; I’ll only continue, if lucky, on Friday. Probably will be having too many conversations with Faliq; my last night in England. Loads to crap about to last us till our next meeting. Loads of “uliks” for him to say and for me to respond to and such. Doesn’t help that I don’t have broadband back home. Hahaha. Oh well. Might be a long one before you hear from me!!

I am so not going to hit 100 page loads man now. Hahaha. Oh well. Not that I care anyway; I just like to see where people come from. 😉 Of which it will be hard if I got a lot of hits. Lets hope the hits will continue to be low… 😀

What a weird wish for one’s blog. Ah well…

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