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Jet lag oooo jet lag

Ahh… Jet lag and I are bosom buddies. I always get horrible jet lag, though my jet lag is usually that I sleep too much the first few days. However, I fell asleep on the plane. I am predicting that it’ll be worse this time round. Oh well.

I’m hugging my Easter bunny plushie; TTB. What Mel and Shan used to call as Terribly Tortured Bunny, though the actual meaning is Teru Teru Bozu, as it looked like one when I was bringing it back home (its body was in the plastic bag, its head wasn’t). Can’t believe how much I missed him. It was my favorite plushie, even though Latte is my first plushie in England. Oh well. I miss it dearly.

Though probably my sheep from York (which I have yet to name) might be TTB’s replacement. Still, it is TTB for now. 😀 Encik Kam is cute as ever, just to let you know, Beda. Hahaha.

Ahh… So. What to tell about. Our flight was delayed; the Cabin crew could not get from Kensington to London Heathrow on time. It is interesting to note that we were from Kensinton too 😉 Horrible experience with the cab. Tell you guys about it later. There was a horrible jam, they said. I wonder why didn’t they take the tube. A note for Idris Jala; I think you would save more money if you required the Cabin crew to take the tube instead of providing them with cars to transport them. It is cheaper and likely more predictable than traffic jams. Also, they could check TfL website before they leave to see if the Piccadilly line is closed. After all, Piccadilly line goes through Kensington. Seriously, delay because the Cabin crew couldn’t get to Heathrow on time is a bit ridiculous. Another suggestion could be, giving them transport allowance to get to Heathrow; let them decide what they want to do. That would ensure equality even more. And give them incentive to find the cheapest mode of transport.

A fresh law graduate telling the CEO of MAS how to save even more money. Right… I should do that through his nephew. At least he does PPE. Which particular nephew… Let the said nephew tell him. Haha. Maybe he wouldn’t admit I’m a friend anymore. Keke.

Horrible experience with the cab. We called for one; just from a card lying on the floor at the entrance door of Faliq’s apartment. It wasn’t one of those London cabs; a car with no sign that it is a cab. The guy tried to lure us into going to Heathrow by cab. I was adamant; we’re going by tube. My mom and Faliq almost gave in; asking me to go down to get K and go by cab. We were meeting K at Earl’s Court, and he was already in the Underground. I still stubbornly stuck to my decision.

The idiot sent us to Barons Court station instead when I clearly requested a cab to Earl’s Court. And said we could get to Earl’s Court from there. Excuse me, we could get to Earl’s Court from Kensington Olympia as well alright!! And we did not have to take a stupid cab for that!! And he had the cheek to ask for more money when we arrived at Earl’s Court. What the fuck? Damn stupid cabs. Seriously, these people!! Coming into the UK doesn’t ever change their way of thinking; still wanting to cheat people!! Thank goodness it was bright daylight and there were 3 of us, plus there was the Transport police nearby. Should have taken his license plate and reported to get his license revoked. Urgh!!

We got there on time. Well, I think we were. We were a bit “late” by my mom’s standard; K was late. Should have told him to meet us at Heathrow. Still, Heathrow is huge and more complicated. Heck, I wanted to leave at 7.30, initially. Hahaha. Thank goodness my mom insisted we didn’t. The VAT reclaim line was ridiculously long!!! We got the back seat, but at least we were sitting together. Sitting at the back doesn’t bother me; but it did for my mom. Still, she managed to sleep soundly, so shouldn’t be a problem. Our original seats were near the galley; I hate those places. Could hear the Cabin crew talking. Even though I don’t usually sleep on the plane, I still don’t want to hear people talking or gossiping!! Ah well.

The flight was rather shaky; loads of turbulence. Still, it is always shaky when I go back to Malaysia at about June-July time; when I went back in December of my first year, it wasn’t as bad. I still wonder why in the world do they serve food near Andaman Sea, when there is always turbulence there, starting from when we enter Bay of Bengal. Freaked me out when I was flying Business Class to London when I was going back for my third year; my glass fell due to turbulence. Thank goodness it fell on my turtle. If it broke.. I know it wouldn’t be my fault. Still, I go around the plane without wearing shoes; I don’t want to cut myself!!

To be honest, I’m happier in Economy. I’m a low-class kampung, like I declared to the people when we were waiting to board the plane. And like my mom said, “the antithesis of kampung declaring herself kampung.” I don’t know why, but I am proud when I call myself kampung. Maybe because most of the most important things I’ve learnt from my grandmother; she build a very strong foundation on which I could build the person who is me now. Though the first few floors are quite badly built, the foundation is as strong as ever, I would like to think. More about being kampung later, probably.

I slept throughout the flight. I’m amazed with myself. Maybe it’s because I’m flying with my mom, maybe it is due to my medication. Either way, I slept from the moment I finished watching Dr Seuss’s Horton heard a Who till when we were about to be served our second meal, with no waking up in between. I’m truly amazed.

So yes, my flight was uneventful. The first flight which I didn’t bother the Cabin crew that much. Usually, I can’t sleep. So I’ll keep calling them for food. My favorite line would be “I lapar la. Got food tak?” (Manglish; translated: I’m hungry. Do you have any food I can have?) Sometimes I’ll be more specific; “nak sandwich” (I want sandwich) or “I want milk” or whatever. The food I got has ranged from Maggi to leftovers from First class. I usually just take the dessert; First class food is too fancy for my taste. Economy peasant-like food is more suitable for me. I’ve been allowed to go to First Class once when I was using my laptop near the toilet (the couple next to me drank beer and wine nonstop. I can’t stand the smell of alcohol; I rather sit next to the toilet) so that I would be able to use the plug. Also they wanted me to be in a seat and the only space that was available was in First class. Cool eh? Still I went back to Economy for my meal; nothing fancied me in First class. I only gobbled down the dessert. I know I’m odd.

Landing wasn’t as interesting as last year when I was coming back to Malaysia; where I was sitting at one of the emergency exit. There would be 2 seats for the cabin crew. They asked me why I came back early (I went back on the 6th of June, less than 5 days after my last paper), and told them that I was burping (still am) and coughing; blood occasionally came out and I didn’t trust the doctors in England (so I haven’t met my current GP; or my GP in England.). Okay that wasn’t the eventful part. Hahaha. The pilot didn’t tell the cabin crew that they were landing; one of them saw outside the window that the plane was super near to the ground, so he started yelling to his colleagues to get to their seats. After landing, he was fuming and rushed to the front. I assumed that he went to scold the pilot. Still, it was a smooth landing, so it wasn’t that big a deal. Still, the fact remains that the pilots should have asked the cabin crew to take a seat for landing.

Got back home, my cousin picked us up. Ahh… Good to be home. Had my usual welcome back dinner; char kueh teow. Hahaha. Except this time we didn’t go to the hawker centre. My cousin bought it and brought it back home. Soon after that, I showered and went to bed.

Sigh, my bed… The maid must be color blind; or at least didn’t check the size of the sheets properly. She used my mom’s pink sheets for my bed. My room is the blue room; everything’s blue. So basically now my bed looks like a color blind person’s bed; blue and yellow bolster, with pink sheets, blue duvet, with 2 pillows with pink cover and another one in brown. Seriously!! Tomorrow I’m changing my sheets!! Don’t care man…

*Yawn* Alright then. I better sleep, or at least stop typing.

Oh, I have internet!! There’s this awesome wireless connection, where there’s no commitment; I got the connection for 30 days. We’ll take it from there. RM20 for 30 days; that’s not bad, right? I mean, coolness!! Hahaha. So you people have no reason to miss me; I am contactable. Hahaha.

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