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Material snob

I am a material snob. As in the things I use, it must be of good quality material. I don’t do polyester if I could help it.

So I am ridiculously thrilled over the fact that I get to use my new sheets. 100% combed cotton… I can’t locate the cover to tell me how much is the thread count.

Still, it feels amazing. I love my sheets. And it is of my choosing, the color. My previous set was chosen by my mom. Though to be honest, it has similar coloring. Haha. Just less mature or brighter.

I love my plushies. Can’t wait when all of them arrive in December. Yes, I’m only getting my things in December. No biggie. If I need any of them, I’ll just get something new here. Hehe.

Haven’t been scrubbing my feet. Will start soon. Damn my feet feels uncomfy.

I’m thinking of what hairstyle I should adopt still. Sigh. Maybe a bob? My mom thinks a bob would be nice. It’s so darn hot!! I wanna cut my hair short!!!

Material snob, yes. My towels must be 100% cotton. Fluffy cotton is preferable. Which is why I stubbornly use my mom’s new towels. Her older towels are thin. I don’t like. Also, I don’t like the embroidery. My mom keep saying that I keep using new things. Too bad, Mom. I like what I like and I use what I like. πŸ˜›

I can be unreasonable sometimes. Who says I’m always reasonable?

I’ll be going through my wardrobe tomorrow. Going to get rid of most of the things in there. I still have the unlimited funds for clothes (just for clothes; shoes not included. Sigh) so that I could upgrade my wardrobe to suit a young adult. Ahh… We’ll see how.

My dressing table is getting more and more full; most of my makeup is on the table now. πŸ˜‰ Another area I’m a bit snobbish on; makeup. Or at least, the foundation. And my moisturizer. Though not that snobbish since expensive brands don’t exactly work for me. I’ve used Biotherm before and it didn’t improve my skin. I now use Garnier, with Simple toner since it’s the only one I could find without alcohol. Alcohol worsens my skin. I don’t get why they need to put alcohol in toners anymore. It is so drying!!!

I don’t use those brands which are unknown when it comes to makeup. I wasn’t blessed with good skin, or at least one that doesn’t make me miserable when I use it. Drug store brands are the lowest I would go, though it is mostly what I use anyway. Hahahahaha. Maybe I have, occasional MACs, like for my eyeliner… But the big chunk of it are drugstore brands. They work just fine. Me love ZA two-way foundation. Better for me than the Estee Lauder that my mom used that I nicked. Why pay more when you can get something that is comparable for cheaper? Still, don’t go too low; the side effects that is late in appearing might come sooner or later!!

Oh man. I should blog about being annoyed with yellow lights in the UK!! Thank God now I’m blessed with white lights!!

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