Secret recipe!!

Yum yum!! It was good!! Though memory seem to say that it was better before. Oh well.

Man, the irony of eating Irish Lamb Stew in Malaysia. If I haven’t been to Ireland, it wouldn’t be that embarrassing. Still, me don’t want alcohol in me stew. Regardless, one of the “must eat” dishes has been consumed. Here’s a before and after picture:


My internet connection is on your side, Faliq. It refuses to allow me to load pictures. Cis. I thought of making you jealous of my being home. Hahaha.

It wasn’t as good as the times before, and the Oreo Milkshake that I ordered wasn’t as sinful. Though it makes a good drink now. Still, when I order Oreo Milkshake, I want it to be like a heart attack waiting to happen. Hrmph. I will make my own. Wahaha. RM9 is not worth paying if it’s not a heart attack waiting to happen!!

I want to have my roti telur and teh ais soon. Damn, I’m making myself hungry and I just went down to get a box of tissue for my hay fever nose. I know it is no longer hay fever area since I’m back home, but I live so near to the capital!! Pollution babeh. Still it is not as bad as in England anyway. Ahh… Long waits at the hospital. I still want to wait instead of going to the private wing. The peasant way of life for me!! I seriously envy my grandmother’s life. My life is so complicated!! Knowledge is definitely not power in my case; ignorance is bliss applies better for me.

I woke up too late to cut my hair. Oh well. No biggie; I could do it today. Going to spend at least 30 quid worth of money doing my hair. Muahaha. Okay maybe not. I’ve no idea what I want to do with my hair. Streaks? Dye whole head? Chunks? I don’t want to change the structure of my hair. Hmm… Or just plain cut and plenty of treatments? What hair style should I pick? Hmmm…

Maybe I’ll just be boring and ask for them to give me a single length look but with layers. Though it’s likely I’ll be left with a bob… I don’t want to cry due to having short hair. Hmmm…

We’ll see how it goes. If they think it’s too short, I’ll streak my hair.


Though I’m not sure if I’ll have enough cash… Hmmm…

So my mom finally gave me “back” my dressing table. Well, the dressing table was supposed to be mine, but since I am flexible, she used it first. However, it is still full with her things. So I need to clear the place.

My handbag collection is building. Seems that my mom and her friends think that I should have designer handbags now that I am a graduate. Fine, they decided this when I was in my third year. So now I have 4 designer handbags; all rather impractical, in my opinion. Yes, I like small handbags that I can fit hardly anything, but to go to work… those sizes? Seriously? Okay I am grateful that these ladies are getting me designer handbags as gifts (21st birthday, which was so last year), but do they need to think like they’re in their late teens? Apart from shoes, I’m practical all the way with my clothing and accessories. Shoes… Ahh… I’m ridiculously impractical. Hahaha.

Faliq, you would squeal with delight if you have my mom and her friends in your life. However, you would need to be a girl instead of a guy. You must also hate shopping, and have your mom’s friends have boys. Basically, be me. Haha. So unlikely since we’re practically polar opposites!!

I want a coats hanger. Is there anywhere that I can get them in Malaysia? So that I can hang my handbags and other things. Hmmmm…

I haven’t detected anything that increase in price that significantly. The Oreo Milkshake is the same price albeit a drastic drop in “quality”. Okay the Irish Lamb Stew was expensive, but it has always been. Probably because I haven’t been going around to shop and such. Or maybe because I’m just damned grateful that I am back home.

Ahh… Home. To the country with fans and air-conditioning. Though the times when I switched on the air-cond is because of my mom wanting to cool down the room. Yes, my mom is sleeping in my room…

Like 3 weeks wasn’t enough. Considering I absolutely hate air-cond (not due to being environmentally friendly; more to do with hating the taut feeling of my skin when I wake up), I really don’t know why she wants to sleep in my room. And she needs air cond all the time. Rather weird that she was feeling constantly cold in England…

I’m trying to stay awake till my mom needs to go to the office. God, 2 more hours. Sigh. Long time still… Oh yes, I should finish the entries that I typed while I was on the train.

Damn you jet lag!!

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