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Those bloody 10 seconds!!

Your moment of fame is only 10 seconds, and even then, the next person’s name would have been called already.

Yes, I’m talking about my graduation.

I feel super tired. Super duper tired. Just for those bloody 10 seconds.

Did my hair yesterday; I straightened it, since my curls were nuts. My hair looks so much better straight. Shiny and smooth. Ahhh… I love my hair. Hahaha. Going to have a haircut once I get back to Malaysia.

Anyway, yes. Graduation. Lets start from the night before. I can do loads of things!! Haha. Like the post I wrote before my graduation, I am proud of my 2.2. Screw you people who thinks 2.2 is lousy. I think it is awesome.

Went to town yesterday. Shopped. Hahaha. That’ll be another entry; all my shopping escapades. Hahaha. After that, got back and cooked… Had dinner and went to Vic’s as the shirt she found in her luggage was too big. So we were shirt buddies; both of us wore light blue shirts. Hehe. She wore my shirt which is now too small for me. Ironed her shirt and then went to Yan’s, which is just next door to my place anyway. Straightened her hair, though I don’t know why today it turned out frizzy still. Sigh. Maybe I should have put more serum or something. Sigh…

Woke up rather early and blow dried my hair again even though my hair was alright. Walked to Sport’s Centre for what will be the last time. Sigh. I feel nostalgic already. Collected the ugly robes and started taking pictures. The robes are super hot to be in!!! And the hood *shudders* I thought it was horrible even before I saw one of my tutor’s hood; oh my god… Hers was amazing!!! Graduated from Durham, her hood was fur-trimmed with purple silk hood. You could see that it is silk because it was shiny and so soft!! I’m soo jealous!!! Nonetheless, it didn’t stop us from taking loads of pictures!! Hehe.

Had to go in before 10.30. Which was really annoying considering that the ceremony only started at 11. Damn boring waiting for the start, and even more boring when you’re waiting for your name to be called. The weird thing is why do we need to rent a mortar board when we don’t even get to wear it when we get on stage (we don’t even get our degrees on stage!!)? So we must take the hat off when we enter the hall, and only wear it when we go out. No such thing as wearing it on stage. What the hell do we need to rent the stupid thing for??? Just for pictures?

And the ceremony itself… Sigh. So we had to sit according to our names. We were equals then; no distinguishing who got first, 2.1s, 2.2s or thirds. You might sit next to someone who got a first and another who got a third. Walk to the stage, nod to the dean when your name is called, and walk across the stage, nod at the chancellor, and continue walking to the other end of the stage to only shake hands with the vice chancellor.

When do you get your degree? From a lady who barely looked at your face, much less smile or congratulate you, off the stage. I mean, seriously, since we were already stopping to shake the VC’s hand, why can’t he just pass our degrees there and then? What is so hard? After all, that idiotic lady didn’t even have to look at the degree to check that we got the right degrees to give it to us, why can’t we receive it from a high ranked person in the university? For all you know, she’s just a measly clerk. Urgh!!

I’m tired I’m tired I’m tired!! Yet I still have to pack!! Urgh. Going to Stoke upon Trent on Thursday; my mom wants to get more fine bone china. Oh well… Whatever that makes her happy…

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