Can’t say I’m homesick since I’m home…

I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m sure Beda would be squealing in her seat seeing this:

I miss hearing Róisín Murphy being blared from the flat downstairs. I can’t believe I am missing hearing electronica. Seriously, Nani!!!! Still, at least her voice isn’t modified like how it usually is for electronica singers.

I miss having my notes scattered all around me on the floor.

I miss my single bed with its horrible mattress. I also miss having a duvet line the mattress 😉

I miss having broadband and being able to post pictures on my blog and being able to use MSN.

I miss drinking fresh milk.

I miss having the choice of buying Irish or English cheddar.

I miss that bloody slope I need to walk to get to LASS. Heck, I even miss my running in the morning in the depth of winter to Pope to be on time for my CCL classes. I miss staying up to prepare for CCL and Criminal/ CBS and HRPUK/ Trust and ECHR (interesting to note that the school was on a mission to make me screw up my human rights modules by making me have a tutorial on the same day as my HR seminar/tutorial. Sigh. Oh, and all were on Tuesdays. And I graduated on a Tuesday. My sordid affair with Tuesdays.). I miss sneezing in the early summer months… I miss walking to Cripps… I miss our beautiful campus!!!!!

I miss keying in my pin number instead of signing when I use card to pay for whatever.

I miss blaring whatever music I am listening to drown Róisín Murphy’s ridiculously sunny voice.

I miss having my own space.

I miss… aih I miss too many things!!

I am happy that I am home, but I am not as happy as I was when I’m in England.

I should look at what I have here… Though to be honest, I am not sure what do I have… We’ll see later.

I woke up too late to have a haircut. Hahahaha. Tomorrow tomorrow.

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