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To be honest, I never thought that so many of my mom’s colleague were from Queen’s.

I mean, seriously!!!!!!!!

They had bombing and terrorism and all during that time!!! And to quote my mom, “Ireland was a backwater where no one would dream of going, cheap things or not.” So why did they go there??? Kerajaan suruh is such a lame reason!!

I thought that only Rafiah Salim and Uncle Anuwar would be the established people from Queen’s. Though to be honest, I only know Anuwar Ali personally. The only VIP that I know that always comes on time!!

“Hanani!! Faster get ready la!!! We don’t want to be late!! You know how Uncle Anuwar is!!”

Suddenly Queen’s alumni are popping out like mushrooms; you would think that Northern Irish universities are like Malaysian universities; kilang degree (degree factories).

They kept my letter from Queen’s, those miserable people.

For reminiscing.

And I thought having one of my professors from Queen’s was stressful enough, since I actually look up to him. Now he is like a nobody compared to my mom’s colleagues.


Why did I pick a university where  so many Malaysian VCs graduated from?

Let’s ignore the fact that I picked a university which has two Malaysian kings!! And I did the same course as them!! Haha!! That one not as stressful since they need to be born to a certain family to be king.

Academics, on the other hand, need to work hard for their career. Admittedly with a little bit of politics, the road would smoothen. Still, if you’re lousy…

Waahhhhh!!! Now these people know I want to go to Queen’s.

Crap!! Maybe I should go to… I don’t know.


But it doesn’t have law. Sigh…

Crap sungguh!!!!!!!!

Oh, okay fine. I don’t know how establish my tutor is. However, considering he’s a prof…

I still refuse to name any of my tutors on my blog for not wanting to give out alma mater. Blek. If you know, you know la. You don’t, too bad.

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