Guys should never ever try to expose too much skin.

Not even if you’re Danial Craig, or Pierce Brosnan.

I can’t resist putting in Pierce Brosnan with it. It’s not because both of them were/are Bond. It’s just that, I remember my class teacher saying “kalau you all Pierce Brosnan, tak pe jugak tak nak butangkan baju.” (If you people are Pierce Brosnan, it wouldn’t be so bad if you do not want to button up your shirts). She taught me history, and the only think I can remember of her is that she likes Pierce Brosnan’s chest. Hahaha.

Oh no. I do not enjoy seeing men, regardless how buff, with too little clothes, i.e. shirtless.

Or even with their shirts unbuttoned.

Okay I don’t like people buttoning their buttons up to the neck if they’re not wearing ties, but really… two max for the amount of buttons you don’t use.

Especially guys with no chest hair.

Have you seen the August issue of seventeen? the supposedly “summer hunk”?

He looks like a pondan to me. Not to say that he is, but he does look the part. He is perfectly fine in the pictures with the T-shirts… but the unbuttoned shirt… Oh puh-leeze!!!

I have nothing against gays or effeminate men, but I have A LOT against pondans. Yes, there’s a difference. Pondan has a bad connotation to it. They’re what people think gay men are; always thinking about sex.

They are the reasons why it would be hard for gay men to come out of their closets in Malaysia, in my opinion.

I also have something against guys wearing sleeveless tops, even when they’re playing sports. I just cannot stand it.

Men should hide as much of their skin as possible.


On a random note; I didn’t know Ireland was not part of the Commonwealth. Oh sheeeeeetttt.

Ah well. Too bad then. I can’t know everything, can I?

Still, I know that King Henry VIII was the first King of Ireland. My mom didn’t know that.


However, I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t nutty enough to want to apply to the Irish bar.

I emailed them, “isn’t it ironic that the only Inns in Republic of Ireland is named King’s Inns?”

I can’t believe I wrote that to their email, along with my question if they would be able to accept my degree. Good thing they found it quite amusing, so I received a super long email regarding the Irish history. Or at least, a very long winded reason why the Inns is called the King’s Inns which included a lot of Irish history, which to be honest, I cannot remember anymore.

Good thing I decided against taking the Irish bar, or even practicing.

Imagine meeting the dude who responded my email.

Embarrassing gila.

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