“We close at 7pm”

I am too used to British timing. Okay maybe not so British since London closes down later than the rest of Britain. And for all you know Ireland operates the same way. I don’t know; even though I’ve been to Dublin, I was a lazy bum who spent all her time sleeping. I miss Dublin. For some reason, even though I had to share a single bed in a relatively small room, I was more content there. Had much deeper sleep. Maybe I’ll come around to Dublin for a week’s rest, Fatin. Hahaha. A bit too far now that I don’t live in Britain!!

I suddenly remember the crap I told my personal tutor about my trip to Dublin. Rather ridiculous, to tell your personal tutor. Nani Nani… Living with an academic doesn’t teach you how busy they are, huh?

For some reason, I miss my personal tutor. Silly, considering I can go 4 months in England without even thinking of dropping by at his room for anything for fear of wasting his time.

Admittedly, I don’t have Shan’s enviable relationship with her personal tutor. Really amazing, hers. Still, I always feel better after I talk to mine.

I felt so grown up when he bestowed me this smile after I said I realize the reason why he failed my Health Care paper; he wanted to do his best as an examiner. And being nice to me as a personal tutor, that is the best he could be as a personal tutor.

I can’t ask for a better one. And I would forever appreciate him.

Ahhhh… Strike that out!! But I don’t feel like it… So sweet. I’ll just continue with my story.

I’m jet lagged. Or so I claim. I’m nocturnal anyway, so my sleeping British time in Malaysia is my no longer being jet lagged, I think. Still, I wake up at 4pm. Maybe I am still jet lagged. I don’t wake up that late.

Still, I wake up at 4, and I see… Oh man… It’s too late to have a hair cut.

That’s what I’ve been thinking on Monday and Tuesday.

Went to the Mamak’s for dinner (I know, a bit nutty, but I hate going there for breakfast. More people means more ciggies being lit) and passed by the saloon.

It was almost 8 and there was still people there!!

Well, just the stylists, closing down. Still, if they’re closing down at about that time… They must have only stopped serving customers recently, right?

So today, even though I still woke up at 4, I said, to hell with it!! Even if they’re closed, I’ll go to McD’s to get Big Mac (I ended up getting Chicken McDeluxe instead. Haha). They were not!! Also, I forgot that in Malaysia, if they say they’re closed at 7, even if you entered at 6.55, they wouldn’t chase you away like the ang moh‘s would. How silly of me.

Ahhh… It was nice, being pampered. They chose the hairstyle for me, which I think is like the one Vic has now. Good thing I didn’t cut my hair for graduation then; we might be mistaken as twins!! With the light blue shirt and same hair… Hahahaha.

I like it. Even though it is rather short, I like it. Ahhh… My head feels so light after having such long hair for so long. Though admittedly, I had much longer hair when I was younger. The great thing is that I didn’t have to take care of it myself. Hehe.

It was just a cut, in the end. Well, a lot of treatment, but I didn’t streak or whatever my hair. It’s nice to finally have my natural hair color again. Haven’t had it since I was 14; when I started form3 and had an idiotic discipline teacher who thinks my natural hair color is dyed. Stupid bugger. So I had to color it pitch black to appease her. Sigh.

Still, I’ll dye my hair again come September. Hahaha. After my cousin’s wedding. Hehehehe. I don’t feel I should make my grandmother upset. I miss her dearly.

I want to balik kampung (go back to my mom’s hometown). I want to be a simple village folk. Haha. Like a lot of people say, as if I could ever be one. Still, I yearn to be one. Could I just go back and just… Take care of my grandma?

She definitely needs taking care of. Her skin!!!! So dry and it troubles her so much when it itches. So I got her body butter from Body Shop. Haha. My grandma will be a high class kampung (village) folk, who uses Body Shop body butter. Hehe. Alright I got some from Superdrug as well. It’s the same texture!! The only reason I got the Body Shop ones as well was because they were having that 50% off. How I wish all the body butter was 50% off… Then I’ll get the clementine one. I like!!

Sigh. Nani rindu Tok

I look forward to my cousin’s wedding. It would be a typical kampung one, where everyone would come and help. Everything would be from nature; hardly anything the type where you get from the shops. No such thing as instant coconut milk for us. Everything would be made from scratch so that they’ll be yummier. Everyone would slave before the kenduri (feast) starts, with the ladies already in the outfit that they plan to come in since morning. Do remember this takes place in the village. Not that the ladies care; they would be in the kitchen while the younger males come to the kitchen to pick up the food to be served to the males seated in front of the house.

Oh yes, my kampung is an authentic one. The people there are still very traditional. The women would enter by the back door while their husbands go through the front, to be greeted by my uncle, the host. And the female guests would help the host transfer the food onto the plates, which would be sent to the front of the house. This is usually only done once they’ve had their share of the feast, as the hostess would definitely insist every guest that enters the door to eat first, then help.

Some might even stay back to help wash dishes.

Amazing eh?

I still remember another cousin’s wedding… The water supply was cut the morning of his wedding. Good thing we washed the dishes that will be used to serve the food from the night before. The water didn’t come back for quite some time. The villagers helped bring river water up to our place. Awesomeness, eh?

You should realize by now that I always end up talking about something totally different than the one I started with.

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