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I must be insane

Random thought: how in the world did searching for “slutty cartoon” result into finding my blog? Seriously?

I accidentally cut myself. At my foot. Been “shaving” the dead skin. “Hanani,” my mom said, “could you please stop it already? You’ll soon cut yourself.”

I thought it would be impossible; my skin there is super thick!! Or so I thought.

I was horrified at first, but when I realize the implications, I was happy. Happy beyond words.


Finally, the skin on the soles of my feet are thin enough for myself to accidentally cut myself.


I was telling my mom, “now the fish at fish spa wouldn’t even bother coming to my feet; nothing for them to munch on.”

Man… I am obsessed with soft feet.

I blame my mom and my aunt. Always harping at me to wear slippers in the house.

Oh yes, regardless of how crazy I am over shoes, I don’t particularly like wearing them in the house. I am very Asian in that sense. 😛

They always tell me to wear slippers in the house so as to protect my feet from having skin that is too thick and would eventually lead to cracked heels. So I started using pumice stones and foot scrubs.

Then Faliq was gushing over how nice is it to have pedicures. We wanted to have one, and finally got one when we were in Lake District. The lady did a horrible job at it. I wanted to minimize my loses. I went to search for the file she was using. I found it; my first love, the pedicure file. I used it literally every day and still I wasn’t satisfied. Still, it was much better than what the lady did, the lazy fool.

The day before I left, I went to Sainsbury’s to get some last minute things. I saw the corn and callus remover. I thought why not eh… Just get it. The stupid blade is too near to the closing… So it is almost impossible to use…

I went to Watson’s just now… A pharmacy, for those of you who don’t know. Saw the same thing there, and with more gap between the blade and the closing, and cost less than rm10. I thought, why not eh? Just get it.

And tried it almost immediately after I got back.

OMG I can see pinkish skin. Ahhhh!! So exciting!!

Thought of using the pedicure file to smoothen out the uneven skin. Since I cut myself, I better let the wound heal first.

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