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I should be sleeping

I’m having breakfast with a friend at 7.30am. Yet I’m awake. Stupid stomach. No idea why is it so miserable.

Sigh. I need to have a spring cleaning session. It is long due. It is almost autumn anyway. Also, there are waaayyyyy too many clothes that are full with moles and those that I wouldn’t be able to fit. I really need to lose weight to fit into those tiny clothes of mine.

I also need to tidy up my room. I need to get rid of my mom’s silks. What the hell man, dumping the stuff in my room when hers is like double the size of mine. Sigh. She really has too many clothes. Sigh. And she would always deny it. Yet she complains over the fact that I have too many shoes. Bleh.

I need to make my room more cozy. Now it looks like an adult and a child are clashing heads on deciding who gets which part of the room. And my plushies!! Quite a number of them hidden in the closet since my grandmother came to send my mom off in December. She doesn’t like my having dolls in the house.

Man, I want to get rid of my A-level notes. I still have them, believe it or not. Urgh. Going to throw them away. Okay, more like I’ll go searching for a recycling center and dump them there. I also want to get rid of all my magazines; CLEO, seventeen, whatever else. Going to only keep Off the Edge. Which is pissing me off. I only got two copies from them. I subscribed before I left so that I’ll be able to read them when I get back. Now I’m stuck reading back issues of “the Economist” instead. Hrmph. Same ol’ same ol’. I am so going to call them and make noise. How dare they take my money and not give me my side of the deal!!

I really want to get rid of the dust collectors. Finally I’m following what my ENT asked me to since I first saw him. Well, since I live here only for 3 months in a year then, I didn’t bother. Also, I ensured that my room in England wasn’t dusty!! Just, very messy. There’s a difference!!

Hrmph. He said I wouldn’t survive in the Irish Midlands. He graduated from UCD, you see. Yes, you UCD people can holler with pride. How dare he say I cannot survive there!! I survived the English Midlands just fine ok!!

It also helps that he doesn’t really know, like me, what exactly am I allergic to; which particular pollen.

Still, I survived having a bloody birch just outside my window in my second year, whatever Ireland has in store, I can take it. If it is only grass… Hahaha. He’s losing; I am not allergic to grass pollen. I can roll around grass and I wouldn’t get effected. 😛 Or maybe I do, but so insignificant anyway.

I just can’t imagine how am I going to rearrange my room though. I just can’t think of how can I make it look pleasant. Too many things clash with each other. Some too plastic-y stuff, some antiques, some solid wood… blablabla. Sigh. So confusing!!

And I suddenly feel sleepy. Urgh. This is silly!!

I’m going to continue crapping…

Went to Tesco’s today for our… I don’t know… monthly? or maybe fortnightly… marketing. Man, things have been increasing in price eh? Not too significant, in my opinion. Reasonable, somewhat. Not like how I expected when I saw how my friends were reacting once they touch down in Malaysia. Still, possibly they meant luxury goods that I would never consume that has increase in price significantly…

Powdered milk price is the most significant that I realized. So significant, I decided I won’t buy it yet. I’ll only get it when I need it. I can’t remember exactly how much it was before; I just know it’s significant. I’m sure my mom knows exactly how much was the increase. She enjoys those kind of things; remembering price of things. No idea how she does it. I’m just horrible with numbers.

Also, a bottle of coke now cost rm3. I thought it was possible to get it for less than rm2 before I left? Maybe I thought wrong. I haven’t drank coke by choice for a very long time. Only drink it when I have no other drink.

I sooo need to have the habit of bringing my own water when I go out now. Especially since most of the drinks that the restaurant serve are fizzy drinks. It’s rather annoying, really. We had lunch at the Chicken Rice Shop. Omigod!! The food was soooo salty!! Maybe since I’ve been cooking for myself all these while, I have gotten use to such little salt. I think I’ll be cooking most of what I consume from now on. I can’t take the amount of salt “normal” people consume. I think eating out would be a proper meal thing; hardly anymore will we eat hawker food. I am willing to cook now since I was forced to cook for my mom when she was in England and she thinks my cooking is good enough. Nothing is now worth it.

I still support the reduce in subsidy of petrol…

Oh crap. Just at the brink of the fun part do I need to yawn non-stop. I better sleep then.

Arrgghhhh!! I was supposed to sort out my clothes!! Grrr…

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