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What I need…

I see that my blog is somewhat turning into my wardrobe… If one can actually define their wardrobe in words.

Here, I’m going to be making a list of things I need to shop for. Will be putting a link at the side of the blog for me to keep track whether I’ve gotten the things… Well it’ll just be lose definition of things. Won’t be too specific, like, say… Navy Big Pony Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt. Hehehe. Ok wait, is that how it is described? Ah well. Mine would just be like this:

  • Belt
  • Waist belt… or maybe colorful wide ribbons instead. Hmmm…
  • Shirts
  • Tops; casual. Like Ts but not T-shirts. I’m complicated
  • Blue shirt!!!! I have too many pinks!!!
  • Strappy heels. I don’t care. I want more. There’s no such thing as “too many shoes.” Oh, I don’t need pumps; got them in England.
  • Skirts that are more formal looking…
  • Jeans!!!! I truly regret now for sending my stuff via container. Huhu. Nonetheless, it is the Mega Sale!! Weeee!!!!
  • Something formal for a dinner, but not too fancy, as I’ll be amongst boring Social Scientist. Hehehe. Ahh… benefits of my contacts!! Free dinner. Blek 😛 (Note to self: This need to be purchased by this weekend; you’re going to Kuching next week!!! Find after MSLS if need be!!)

Why do I feel as if I’ve listed out every type of clothing I wear except for T-shirts? Hrmph. I am so unadventurous and too lazy to define things. I sooo need money!!! I am so taking up the offer of ironing clothes for my friend/dentist!!

Edit:  I absolutely love Cats Whiskers and little.black.book 😉

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