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Ice cream!!!

I likey!! 😀 Baskin Robbins Malaysia is still having their 31% off on every 31st. Weee!! I loves them!!

Just that I am a bit disappointed I didn’t get the flavor I want. I’m a bit jaded with chocolate chocolate and more chocolate. You know how Ben & Jerry’s can be. They really believe that chocolate is a girl’s best friend and that she wouldn’t need a break from it. Still, in the end… I can’t remember what is the name of the flavor I got, but it has a vanilla ice cream base, with cookie crumbles with some of them coated with chocolate, chocolate pieces and caramel ribbons.

Oh well…

However, I am really annoyed with the working people. Annoying as hell!! They would take some number…. Alright I would have to explain the system first…

As they have the offer every 31st (thus the offer only happens when the month have a 31st, like January, July, Aug, etc. Months like February and November do not have the offer), Baskin Robbins know how crowded it would get. So they have this queuing system, where you take a number and wait for your number to be called.

Those uncivilized would take the number and go and have their lunch…  And when they’re gone, the people serving would be calling out their number on top of their lungs… Obviously no one will respond as no one around in the shop has that number… So the number called continues.

Then those idiots come back and demand for them to be served, since their number was called before.

I think it is grossly unfair that these people could get away with both. That just shows how uncivilized even professionals in Malaysia are. And you want us to be considered first world country? Please!! With that kind of thinking, there’s still a LOOOOONNNGGGG way to go!! You should line up and wait for your turn!! You think you’re the only one whose time is ticking? Time waits for NO man, which means that time doesn’t wait for us as well.

Stupid jokers. Even stupider are the people who actually serve them.

I can’t stand these impatient people who cut lines. How awfully RUDE.


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