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Back to Ireland

August 31, 2008 Leave a comment

In my mind, at least.

The irony is that, I just said that I missed Dublin because I manage to sleep so much there.

Here I am, reading about a book about a guy going round Ireland with a fridge making me unable to sleep.

Oh yeah, I’m reading the book again. I absolutely love it!! So bloody farnee!!!! So many silly quotes!! Hahaha.

I’m thinking… If all else fail… I might be able to teach geography of Ireland?

Though somehow I think I might be better teaching about the Irish economy instead.

Irish law is a big no no though. I don’t want to learn yet another legal system; too lazy.

Critiquing the Irish abortion law, on the other hand, would be wonderful. 😀


August 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Please don’t lie to me because I know for a fact that you don’t visit my blog. Don’t just tell me you do to make me happy; I was just making a comment that day. What a shame, that you needed to lie.

Why I’m putting here is to tell you, just in case you bother dropping by in the future, that I do know that you’re lying. I won’t mention it in our conversations anywhere.

You know who you are.

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August 31, 2008 Leave a comment

I miss the two other “DU”s. Dublin and Durham.

Coz I want to sleep so very the badly!!!


Did that practically all the time I was in Dublin. Wasn’t as bad in Durham; I actually went exploring the *bloody* hilly place. Dublin was practically the total opposite!!

Oh c’mon!! Ireland is like one third of Britain!! Even though I would have been only in Ireland for one third of the time I was in Britain… I, well… I thought I would be bored, so I wanted to save Dublin for later!!

And now, since I will be staying in home sweet home…

I still think Dublin as a place to sleep. ZzZZzzzzzZZZzzzzzz…

I miss Dublin.

However, it is just too bloody expensive to fly all the way there from Malaysia; JUST TO SLEEP.

I mean, seriously!!!!

And also, I doubt I’ll be doing much sleeping if I went to Dublin now!! Will be exploring the whole islands of Ireland AND Britain.

Goddamn it, I regret not exploring Britain!!!!!!!! Waaahhhhhh!!!

For Ireland, I would go to Londonderry to rompak that nenek tua of her farm. Dan menetap di sana.


I still remember her!! Trust me, I will forever and ever remember her.

Oh, will explain the change of title later. Rather busy actually; which is why I can’t sleep. Sigh…

And Budget!! OMG I can’t believe I missed listening to it!! I blame my mom for not telling me about it!!

She had the cheek to bloody scold me!! Knowing that I don’t read the papers!!

Oh, and before you start, it’s doctor’s orders for me not to read the newspapers. I do break it once in a while. Okay, often, but not often enough. However, like she emphasized a lot of times, I should deal with my problems first before I start with the nation’s or the world’s. Which is why I’m reading a lot of fiction nowadays.

Still, I read a lot of newspaper already. My mom being the very dedicated economist she is, with jet lag and all, she went buying every single newspaper available; in languages that she can read, of course. And even read that stupid website. I only read the papers; as you might have figured out, I hate that website. Truly.

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Mission very the possible II

August 31, 2008 Leave a comment

It was a success!!! Wahaha.

Well, my mom laughed at the amount I spent; gleefully saying that she’s glad I finally decided to expand my wardrobe. Typical.

Nevertheless, she did accept that I was being serious and decided on a figure I’ll get monthly, whether I work or don’t work.

And I’m happy that I manage to sway her to my way of thinking!!


Grand total

August 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Well it is not so grand, to be honest. And I lost one of the receipts. Sigh. Oh well…

I spent RM 1159.05–so far; I’m going to 1Utama later–on clothes; and shoes. However, shoes not so much. Mostly are clothes. Hehehe.

My mom should be on the plane right now. She went to Canada for 3 bloody days!!!

I know!! Crazy right? For a conference which lasted only one and a half days!! She went halfway across the world, with the amount of time spent traveling to the place taking just slightly less than the amount she was there.

Seriously, sometimes conference can be ridiculous. They wouldn’t pay for extra time to make your trip worth it. Just come, present your paper, listen to other people’s paper, and good bye.

Even crazier that my mom was willing to go through it… for the hopes of flying via London and be able to shop more there.

Oh, it is in Waterloo… about 2 hours from Ottawa, she said.

Going to buy quite a number of things in 1utama. Doing most of my makeup shopping. I know I know, I said it’s a waste of money, but I can’t think of what more clothes do I need!! And I do wear them, so it won’t be wasted!!

Oooooo!! I’m reading the dictionary. Oh, of course not non-stop, silly!! I would go out of my mind if I did, I think. 5 new words a day. Huge emphasis on the word “new”; if not it’ll take forever for me to get from A to Z. I might die before I finish it!!

So I have a plan while I’m on my break; I’m going to learn French, while I work as a sales assistant (could be a pharmacy or Cats Whiskers) or a receptionist at a Spa (though with my skin condition they might not think it is a good thing) and a kitchen helper in a Japanese restaurant. Both part time, obviously; doubt I can juggle 2 full time jobs!! I want to do the kitchen helper one!!!! Might be able to learn how to cook!! 😀

Will tell big ma’am tomorrow about it and what is her opinion about it, along with all the receipts. Hehehe.

Mission very the possible

August 28, 2008 1 comment

I’m on a mission: to shock my mom to the point she’ll come round to my way of thinking.

How am I doing that? By shopping!! For clothes though, not shoes… I still don’t want her to be too angry about it. She’s been harping for me to change my wardrobe anyway. So she should be happy with this progress.

What am I trying to achieve, you might ask.

I’ll start by warning you; most people think I’m crazy. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.

I asked my mom to give me a set amount every month for me to spend. Whether higher or lower than currently she’s giving me, it’s up to her. However, a very big problem in that would be the fact that she doesn’t give me a fix sum; never have done that. She always give me over and above what I spend, on top of providing me with a supplementary credit card. However, I only swipe the card when I know I have the cash to “repay” her. She prefers giving me money as and when I finish my mom–which never comes, by the way, since she would give me more about 3 weeks after the last time she gave me.

It frustrates me. I am very lucky in the sense that I never felt that I never have experienced not having money. However, that lack of experience is what frustrates me; I’m afraid that in the future when she’s gone, I wouldn’t be able to cope. Yes, she has trained me enough to ensure that I don’t overspend and I never did–at least, before this anyway. Nonetheless, it is hard to predict the future, right?

Also, her giving me money when I’m out of money means that it is quite hard for me to plan my finances; to save money as well, sometimes. It is complicated.

I asked her to give me a set amount for me to plan my monthly budget. She refused. Her reason? She could afford giving me the money I need for now and why should I suffer?

Why should I indeed.

However, I much prefer “suffering” while she’s around rather than suffer much later in life when there’s no one to save me.

So… by shopping and swiping the credit card loads of times, I’m abusing her trust. I have never done that, or at least not when it comes to money, and this would definitely shock her. Show her that it is possible for me to do it. Also prove that, hey, I don’t only want to buy shoes, ok!! I went to so many shops with pretty shoes, but I refrained. And I am absolutely proud with myself.

I adore Cats Whiskers!! And

My favorite item to buy now are skirts. I am cursed in the ass department. Because of my Chinese genes, I have a flat ass, and my Malay side means that I have wide hips, and ass. And it took quite some time for me to realize, my ass looks better in skirts than pants. So I’m filling my wardrobe with them.


Okay, I’m off to find dinner. And look at the boutiques that are located on the rows of shops in front of my house.

I absolutely love the location of my house.  Will make sure that my mom would never move!! Hahaha.


Oh, updates after all this craze has finished.

Anyway, better buy these things when there’s still sales than when sales end, right???


August 27, 2008 1 comment

Ahh… my favorite way to waste time while I can’t sleep; singing along with whatever that is playing on my iTunes.

Then came “A Whole New World” by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga (she’s absolutely amazing man… I love her voice) from Alladin… I can’t seem to catch up with them… Somehow my tongue slips after the word “world”.

That Edinburgher really did somewhat changed my accent. Okay I haven’t finished the entry since I got off the train at… Haha. I can’t remember already. Somewhere on the East Coast of Britain. I think we were already in the Midlands by then… I’m not sure.

Sum it up a bit. On our second day in Edinburgh, my mom got tired and I went walking around Edinburgh alone. Being a “jakun” Midlander (he didn’t use this term; I forgot then and I still can’t remember now what’s the term he used; but he did call me a “Midlander” as I’ve been living in the Midlands for 3 years) who’s not used to seagulls flying so near to her, I screamed and jumped when a flock of them flew so low and near to me, I almost hit the guy . I successfully fell; he successfully avoided me. Imagine how embarrassing it is to have a guy wear a shorter skirt than you are; I felt that way for some reason. Hairy legs and all, but Scottish men wear their knee-length kilts proudly. Imagine women doing that–feminist or not–it’ll just be scary. Though I know one of my feminist tutors do shave her legs. It amused one of my friends to try catch a glimpse of her legs. Not easy since she usually wear knee-high boots with below-knee-length skirts. However, she is what we classify as a “pleasant” feminist, and she’s married. So maybe she’s not your typical feminist.

ANYWAY (God, this habit is really annoying), the guy I almost hit asked where I was from; I answered as to where I’m from in England instead of Malaysia. Somehow I don’t know why, but when people ask me where I’m from when I’m in Britain, I don’t tell them where I am actually from but my alma mater city. Somehow he was shocked that my accent wasn’t like a Midlander’s, having lived there for 3 years, so he decided he and his friends (2 others; all kilt wearing. Really really embarrassing) would try corrupt my accent, even if the accent is not from the same country as where I live.

They pointed out that I have a very “lazy” accent. As in, I don’t pronounce every letter in the particular word. Then, I would have pronounced “world” as “wel” (both r and d missing!!); “white” without any sound of the “h”, “must” as “mus”, “girls” as “gils”, “far” as “fa”… so on and so forth. Rather bad, when I think about it. Maybe that’s how I can speak fast (as my tutorial mates in my first year pointed out, with one of my tutors keep telling me to slow down. Hrmph. Makes me wonder how he communicated with one of our EU lecturers, which we called “the Irish bullet train” [which, I was assured when I was in Ireland, would never happen because they’re so small]. But remembering their specialization… maybe they don’t need to), by cheating. Haha. Not a good habit, I suppose… However, I’ve survived well with it… I mean, I am graduating!!

Nonetheless, if the Universities that I apply Masters for in the future insists that I do IELTS… I suppose this “corruption” of my accent is a blessing…

Step one was making sure I pronounce every single letter in a word. Which is ridiculous because the Scottish don’t pronounce every single letter!! Don’t ask me what word; I can’t remember as of now and I’m too lazy to flip through my “The Birds and the Bees” book. I know that there are words were the “typed” Scottish accent was with missing letters, using apostrophes instead.

Actually, yeah… only one step. Others was more how to pronounce certain letters. An exercise of your tongue to speak Scottish accent if you have a “lazy” accent like the Malaysian one.

So now I pronounce “world” with the R, L and D. Amazing feat for me. And surprisingly, I do it all the time now. And usually always singing to KT Tunstall’s “Other Side of the World”, her being Scottish, she does pronounce it the way those dudes do (after all, Fife is just the next county north of the Lothians). But… I don’t know. Somehow, regardless how hard I try listening, somehow it is impossible for me to hear the D in “world” in “A Whole New World”.

I find it fascinating, really, to realize in which part of my accent that my psychiatrist meant that changed.

At least for the better.

And I don’t talk berlagu!! Weeee!!! Hahaha. That I leave to the non-English UK universities’ and Irish graduates to specialize in. Hahahahaha =P

PS: How in the world could anyone write a song on Belfast? I mean, it’s so gray!!! Okay, I haven’t been there, but I imagine it’ll be, like, super gray, which was the reason why I got my turquoise coat. Wanted to get another black one, but then I thought, if I’m going to a grayer place than here… I better bring some bright colors with me!! Oh, I admit I haven’t listened to Katie Melua’s song. It is just… there. I’m not intrigued enough to listen to it yet. We’ll see how.