Books and grammar

I hate Law of Attraction by Michael J Losier. I just can’t like it. There’s waaaayyyy too much padding. And to me, padding just shows how much you actually don’t know about the topic you’re writing.

And when you’re writing a book that shouldn’t have a page limit, it is worst.

He skips at least two pages; just blank pages. And on most of the pages on the your right hand side were quotes that you have already read from the page before.


I’ve written an entry about it; written. I’ll type it later.

Another thing that annoys me when I read a book is when I find grammatical errors. And misplaced/ missing punctuations.

There’s no good reason why those should exist in a book which is published. A book should go through at least two proofreading stages before it is published.

Don’t forget there’s this person called the editor.

Please tell me what the fuck was your editor doing when (s)he saw those grammatical errors? Just sweep it aside and ignore it?

I see a lot of these happening to books. Whether Malaysian, or British or American. So I’m not dissing just Malaysian books.

There were quite a number of commas missing in Law of Attraction actually. Just that I got fed up and decide I can’t be bothered to read the book anymore. I read it while I was waiting for my ice cream.

However, since Lydia Teh thanked her editor and a reader who volunteered to be her grammar police, I have high expectations.

Imagine how disappointed I was when I saw this line in Adibah Amin’s (who is she?) introduction…

“In another anecdote, she comically brings in the unglamorous side of a glorious moment when she took part in the global Olympic Torch Relay on the island of Crete in Greece. It does not, however, diminish the poignancy of her thoughts as she ran, bearing the torch: This was it. My moment in history (bold added).

Who the hell thinks in the past tense when they’re actually doing the said thing???

Maybe I could help justifying the grammar police dude’s work… Since it is not exactly Lydia Teh‘s work…

Still!! There’s the editor!!


It’s not that I claim that I speak and write in perfect English; I don’t. Do criticize if there’s any mistakes; that’s how I learn, from my mistakes. Though my mom would say I somehow always make the same mistakes. Well, I am a slow learner.

Still, like I said… with books, you have editors!!!!!!!

And if your blog or article or whatever profess to have an editor, there’s absolutely NO excuse to make grammatical errors!!

However, if it does not, it only pardon a small part of your mistake. You still type in that particular language, so you should be good at it!! Improvement is key!! Accept people’s criticism on your use of language with an open mind, not that the other person is nit-picking your expression style.

Seriously, being mediocre to attract readers is not the way to go.

Especially when staying mediocre would mean only one country’s citizen would be able to read your writing. You must think Malaysia is huge to be content with such audience then!!

And as I’ve written in my very first post for this blog, getting an audience is not my first aim!! Okay, I didn’t say that; I said that the purpose of my having a blog again is to boost up my confidence in my ability to write.

That said, my ability to write with good English.

My mom would have a fit if I have confidence in writing but in mediocre and broken English!!

If you happen to find my use of proper English offensive, please continue walking down the road till you find your perfect mediocre blog and don’t bother me!!

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