Random: One of the search terms that found my blog today is “getting to warwick castle from sheffield by train”. Seriously???? Did I even mention Warwick Castle yet in this blog??? :S

Urgh. I only manage to sleep for less than 5 hours yesterday. And even then it wasn’t a restful sleep. How annoying. And my mother came into my room, panicking over her Canadian visa application. Why is it that I have to bear the burden of the Canada’s choice of classifying Malaysia as a red alert country? As if it is absolutely ridiculous for a country to require citizens of a particular country to apply for a visa when entering their country. It is, after all, their absolute right to require it. Still, the woman would have nothing of that. It is unacceptable for Canada to require Malaysian citizens to apply visa and I would have to hear all the complains.

God!! She repeats the story to literally everyone!!!

The annoying thing was, she could have done everything on her own. The fact that I was awake an hour before she came barging into my room is besides the point. Even if I was asleep, she would have woken me and continue as she did; switching on my laptop and using it. After all, my things are not exactly mine, right? She just had to wake me up since it is unfair for people to sleep, soundly or not, when she is panicking.

I fell asleep again after all the hoo haa. I wanted to go to the PC Fair… And at about 11.30 she panicked yet again and woke me up; I’m going to be late and if I’m going to be a bum, she’s not sending me to the LRT station. My respond of saying I’ll take a cab then was rebutted by the reason of I’ll be wasting unnecessary money. Right.

So groggily I went to get ready, dumped whatever in my handbag and off we went to the LRT station.

Didn’t get as many things as before. Maybe since I no longer buy DVD-Rs… Damn I was tempted to get a new camera. Heee. A Canon this time. Hehehe. Such intense colors!! I likey too!! Nonetheless, I’m still content with my p5100. Got a proper screen protector and a cover for it already. I let my mom haggle for me since I would have been content paying the price. Seriously, being content on paying the full price is a big sin in my mom’s eyes. It is obscene and it is almost as bad as pre-marital sex. Good thing I don’t indulge in that then…

In the end I got a 4GB SD card, a laptop cooler, a mouse (because it was cute and only cost me rm10), a headset and an 160GB 2.5″ external HDD. So now I can bring 160GB worth of things conveniently. Weee!!! Hehehe. Didn’t get an mp3 player since I don’t want an iPod or any of those that were available. Bleh. I’ll just find one that I like and haggle like crazy.

After that, I just had to drop by Vincci to see if there’s any flats that I like. Sadly, the one I liked didn’t have my size. Sigh. So I’m rather stuck with heels at the moment. However, I got myself a wedge. It’s comfortable and stable, but I don’t quite like wedges. It’s hard for me to explain why. There were several heels that I like… However, since my mom will be picking me up… I rather I buy and hide it from her first. The interesting about all my shoe shopping escapades is that, she never make a big fuss when the credit card bill arrives. Heck, somehow I think she just writes the cheque after looking at the amount and telling me how much was my share. Never a big scolding session. Which is why, like I always say to her, I keep within my budget. She just doesn’t know how many pairs I actually have.

I think I’ve mentioned before that my mom has a problem with how many pairs of shoes I have, not how much I pay for them. Because the situation fits; I don’t buy expensive shoes, but I have a horrible weakness of wanting too many of them. Hehehe. And I hardly buy anything when it is not on sale. Heee.

I thought I only got no limits to my credit card (from my mom, not the bank. Our limit is waayyyy too high for us both, and my mom only has a classic. Seriously. No platinum for us; it’s a waste of money to pay for the fee for that) only last year when my mom told me to change my wardrobe. “You’re turning 21 already!! You need to change your wardrobe!!” Alas, I was too lazy and was working and was busy studying for my resit and rewriting my paper, I missed the mega sale last year. I thought I would also miss the shopping spree I would reluctantly go for. I do regret not going since I did realize things have gone up in price. Sigh. Still, my mom said just few minutes ago, “get yourself a new wardrobe, for goodness sake!!”

Heeeee!!! Nice!!

Except, with a condition; “don’t buy too many shoes!!”

Goddamn it!! Sigh…

Don’t envy me for getting no limits on my card from my mom; if I was one of those shopaholics, I doubt my mom would be so free with her money with me. Oh no, it is because I’m waayyyy “too stingy” when it comes to buying things for myself. I may like something, but if I’m not willing to pay the price, I wouldn’t get it. And it happens all the time, it annoys the hell out of my mom when we shop together and I like something but refuse to get because of the price. I wouldn’t even allow her to get it even if she thinks that it is a reasonable price. I would absolutely forbid her.

Which means, I don’t buy designer stuff. Ohh, some of their things are nice, of course they are. Nonetheless, price just affects me so much. Marginal utility goes to negative immediately. Which is why my designer bags are bought by other people; though I picked the DKNY one, as it was the perfect substitute from the caplang-not-sure-which-brand handbag I’ve been using for the pass 6 years. Oh yes, I can make things last as well if I want to. I just choose not to most of the time. đŸ˜›

And UK High Street brands? Please!! They’re sooo overpriced here!! No way would I even enter them. Oh yes, I am snobbish like Faliq now; except, I go a step lower instead of higher. Hahahaha. Though, seriously, the Malaysian “high street” brands have about the same quality as the UK high street. Maybe even better, since material and such are cheaper here. Why bother paying so much for something similar then? The only time I shop at UK high street is when I’m in the UK. Now that I have left the UK… No way man!! Unless there’s something only they have, like suit jackets since PADINI ones can be a bit too small for my generous figure (haha :P), I wouldn’t go in there. Blek. No to ZARA, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and so on. It’s just so silly, paying for a UK name which is only high street. I much rather pay for a designer brand item.

So this August, I wouldn’t be doing anything but shop. Ahh… Okay, Faliq would know that I wouldn’t do it all the time, and I wouldn’t spend that much anyway. I feel guilty spending my mom’s money. Heck, I feel guilty spending anyone’s money, even my ang pau money that my uncles and aunts give me!! Sigh.

I hate shopping at chains, to be honest. I just, I don’t know. I don’t like them. I much prefer going to boutiques, and luckily… well, it is a bit embarrassing to admit that I just realized that there’s a lot of boutiques just in front of my house. Hehehehe. So I’ll be exploring them like crazy. Big added bonus that I just need my two feet to get to those shops. Nice!!! I like I like!! Weeee!!!

So suddenly I like shopping. Shoot me. It’s more because I need clothes than I want more clothes. I can go by with my current wardrobe, but my mom’s not so happy with that. So off I go…

Though first, I would need to go for MSLS this weekend. I look forward to listening to what the speakers say. And seeing my friends. Though some of them were saying, “Nani, you just saw us last 3 weeks. You’re acting as if we haven’t seen each other for 3 years!!”

Well… I don’t know where you guys live and I am too lazy to go out!! So it is a reason to be excited!!

Oh, after MSLS I would be in Kuching till the 8th… For another conference, even though I’m not sure if I’ll be attending it. My mom’s involved, and there might be some topics I might be interested. A social science one, so somewhat my area. So I’ve dumped quite a few shirts into my luggage to prepare just in case I decide to go to more than one talk. Oh, the variety of shirts is for my mom’s sake. She gets embarrassed when I wear the same thing over and over again like I usually do, as she loves wearing new clothes. Hehehe. She doesn’t want people to think she deprives me from buying clothing for her sake, when in truth I’m just a lazy ass who hates shopping for clothes.

Sigh. I really can’t believe they dragged me into bringing things on my luggage allowance as well. Sniff sniff. And I can’t complain since they’re providing me with breakfast and dinner. Cis. These people know me too well!! And especially since my ticket was the zero fare from MAS… I can’t complain that they have to pay me.

Also, doesn’t help that my mom was the one that agreed they can chip into my allowance too. Hrmph.

Still, I am thinking that I’ll be sleeping most of the day on Monday, when we arrive in Kuching. A long weekend, and our flight is at 8am. Wow.

Yet here I am, not yet asleep. Hahaha đŸ˜›

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