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Me, an illegal immigrant?

What the hell man!! I’m currently cursing the Irish government’s decision to not rubber stamp people’s passport when they leave Ireland. Why in the world do they just chop the bloody book when I enter and not do anything when I leave? Same goes to the UK. However, at least my UK Visa is still valid!!

“Oh, so you were illegally in Ireland for two months I see…”

What the hell? Seriously? Me, an illegal immigrant in Republic of Ireland????

You’ve gotta be kidding!!

Though, like my mom said, “better Republic of Ireland than Republic of Indonesia, don’t you think?”

Thank goodness for that!! How sad is it to be a Malaysian, staying in Indonesia illegally. That’s just so bloody sad!! At least Euro is stronger than RM, with or without the Irish inflation.

As if Malaysia is doing that well with their inflation!!

Maybe I should have really went up to Northern Ireland to knock someone’s head!! Just to show that I actually left Ireland!! Sucks that I decided to fly in back to a small airport; Durham Tees Valley. I still remember the look of surprise of that lady who checked me in when she saw my passport and where I was heading.

“Are you sure you want to fly into Durham Tees Valley? Where did you fly in from? Are you sure you don’t want to fly into East Midlands again?”

Seriously, lady, if I were to fly into East Midlands again, I would only go back in the evening!!

Seriously, do the immigration officers that I meet–regardless in Malaysia or UK–seem to be super bored with their job that they actually went searching for another chop that indicated I left Ireland? Was the green colored ink they use for the rubber stamp that distinctive? Okay, in my passport, it is, since it is the only green one. And it is also the biggest. And since I didn’t have that many chops in my passport anyway… They thought, why not eh?

Damn the Irish dude who actually wrote what day I was leaving Ireland. Sigh. Now, when people look at my passport, they think that I was an illegal immigrant in Ireland. When I was happily in East Midlands, revising, writing my paper and sitting for my exams.


Gahh!! Flight was just called. Off to Peninsular!!

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