Random stuff…

Which is not really that random…

I do realize that the most often term that I see on the “Top Searches” column is “Wacky Woolies”. Wonder how surprised are those people to find out that I never lived in Ireland or that they get a link full of weird things. And jeez… Carrolls have a website after all. Surely they could find that link before finding mine?

Ahhh… I see that the Irish gift shop is not as popular as I thought it is… I am the 4th link that appears… And Carrolls… is not even on the first page??? OMG. Hahaha.

Maybe I should be kind enough as to put Carrolls’s (okay I’m not sure how should I apostrophe this. Any helpers? I’m not even sure if the surname is Carrolls or it is already plural. Hmmm… Apostrophe is the most complicated punctuation!!) link in my “Likes” page to help them be able to find where to get them?

Alright, I’m feeling nice. Fine, I know just a few hours ago I was on the verge of boycotting Ireland and Sarawak. However, suddenly sanity seeped in and told me how silly it would be to be boycotting alone. Though I have done that before; boycotting stuff alone. Haha. And who knows, they might even send me Wacky Woolies cups that I so very the wanted but got the Black Sheep one instead. Black shamrock butt sheep. Like Chombee Mumba, except Chombee has white wool (with green and orange scarf. Damn proud of her origin, she is).

I have yet to name Chombee’s white thistle butt Scottish cousin. It’s definitely a girl, since she looks so sweet. Eeyore is always eying her butt, wanting to eat off the thistle. Now now Dee… Don’t think dirty. Urgh. Considering your age… I still can’t believe how your mind works.

Something altogether not related to Wacky Woolies and sheep…

I’m fumingly angry with my Malay upbringing. Just absolutely hating it. Hate hate hate hate hate it. And I can’t even say why. I know why, but I just can’t bring myself to say it. I have no problem with it making me sound cruel and cold hearted.

I also hate a lot of Malay culture. I could never ever be proud of the fact that I am Malay. I see too many flaws.

I’m also not proud of the fact that I am Chinese. I see their flaws as well, too much too often.

And yet when people advocate for having a bangsa Malaysia, I would reject the idea whole heartedly. I told a friend that I would be shouting on top of my lungs on some higher ground so that people can hear why do I think it is such a horrible reason; and why it would breach our human rights and just how many.

I absolutely hate the fact that the Malays seem to believe that the young have to respect the elder but the young should not even think of expecting the elder respecting them. The elder could treat them like dirt if they see fit. Hurt their emotions and all… just go on… Just keep destroying what little self-respect they have.

God, I wish I could just say no this once.

I am turning into her, somewhat. A self sacrificing person.

Quite a number of people have pointed out that I seem to be doing that a lot.

Yet she would never see it that way.

I’ll always always always fall waaayyyyyy below her expectations.

To the point she no longer bothers to expect anything.

God, I want to just leave this house. Maybe I should just struggle and do a professional accounting degree and just go into accounting. Easy money.

It scares the hell out of me how cocky I am when it comes to accounting. I’m like, dead sure I will get it.

This is what happens when you manage to self-teach yourself accounting, and getting high results when you manage to find an accounting lecturer to mark your work.

I should have done accounting. Safe, boring accounting.

Then everything would be different.

Life would be easier, I suspect. I would be able to run. From nowhere to nowhere.

But at least I would have a healthy bank account…

  1. November 5, 2009 at 12:12 am

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    Thanks so much.

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