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What I’ve realized these past few days…

7th Aug 2008 @ 23:17 MYT

On English:

The fact that someone may have

Did/doing/will be doing a degree—may it be Bachelors, Masters or PhD—in an English speaking university(may it be Canadian, American, British, Irish, Singaporean, Australian, etc);

Received/ will be receiving a first class honors degree (or the equivalent to the other education systems and degrees);

Been accepted to Oxbridge or any of the Ivy Leagues;

Been accepted to Oxford to do a BCL (somewhat more impressive than being accepted for just any course in Oxford);

Graduated from Oxbridge or any of the Ivy Leagues;

Wrote their PhD thesis in English; or

Published various books in English (this, to be honest, is the worst way to judge someone’s language ability);

Or whatever other qualities one would think someone would have that might mean the person has fluent English;

Does not guarantee that the said person speaks fluent English. It is rather disappointing.

Oh, I didn’t meet someone who hit every single “requirement” I listed out above.

On economists:

They really love assuming things. It happens so often that the jokes are no longer funny.

On Oxbridge graduates:

They’re just so bloody cocky!! They would never ever impress me anymore. Heck, it would take much more than telling me where you graduated from to impress me. Though, if you’re so great, why couldn’t you tell me which college made you pay those ridiculous fees before they let you in?

On overseas graduates:

We can be just as ignorant as the supposedly ignorant local graduates. You really can’t generalize. Every education system has its pros and cons.

And we’re an impatient bunch. Though it is applicable to the majority of Malaysians. Oh, impatient on government making “better” policies, which success would be ignored when it is achieved, as we would be too busy in trying to dig out the other many failures of the government.

On living in East Malaysia:

I wouldn’t be able to survive. Any place in Peninsular is still better than East Malaysia. I admit that I’m a snob in this case. Of course, preferably I would be able to stay on the west coast…

Seriously, I’m bored out of my mind. I watch the news to entertain myself!! I’m so sorry my Sabahan and Sarawakian friends. I’m a mainland person. I doubt I can live on an island (Continues to ignore the fact that Britain is an island).

On where I grew up:

I still feel annoyed when people ask if I’m from KL. I’m from Selangor and I’m proud of that. I may have been born in HKL (Hospital Kuala Lumpur), but all the growing up was done in Selangor. And Pahang; parts of it when I balik kampung.

I hate being associated with KL. I have no idea why. The weirdest thing is that I have more right to say that I am from KL more than most people who actually admit they do, since where I’m staying is separated from KL by only a highway…

On people’s reaction when I reluctantly tell them that I graduated with a law degree:

People would always tell me that I should:

Practice; or

Practice corporate law (big emphasis there); or

At least get called to the Bar—whatever the route I choose to take is up to me; or

Be a black and white wearing, briefcase carrying, court going advocate (after being called to the bar, of course); or

Do an accounting degree or a professional accounting course (ACCA, etc);

Or just the professional accounting course; or

Try to do an internship with a corporate law firm; or

Get a job in a company as a legal advisor, or

Get a job at an accounting firm, or

Whatever that has to do with the corporate world.

Seriously, do these people really think that only the corporate world offers money? And do they think only money is what is important? Heck, if money was the thing I’m after, life would be much easier. I would have taken the route they’re telling me to instead of taking time off to think!!

Every time I say that I do not want to practice law, and especially not corporate law, they look at me as if I’m senile. “Aiyaa, girl, how will you get a job then? How are you going to put food on the table?”

Really, do you think only the corporate sector provides income?

On being an activist:

I know that it is definitely impossible for me to be one. After meeting several, I see how much they believe in their cause; they can see no wrong in what they believe in.

I’m just too cynical to be an activist. I can’t believe in anything wholeheartedly like those people do.

On Kelantanese:

They really do speak with a Kelantanese accent even when they speak English. It’s really interesting to finally meet someone who really does that. And it is amusing to hear him complain about people not being able to speak “proper” English when his English is not that proper after all. Heee.

On counseling/ therapy:

I really miss them. I’m glad I’ll be having one next Wednesday. I am not looking forward to my surgery appointment, though. If only they have a calling system that I could make sense of… then I’ll be able to entertain myself in the orthopedic clinic, people watching. It is the most crowded clinic of them all.

On the soles of my feet:

Goddamn it!! The skin there grows with alarming speed!! They are back to their horrible thickness again!! Will be shaving them again when I get back home. Will see how many cuts I’ll endure this time!!

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