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Shoes, shoes shoes

10th August 2008 @ 11.45pm

I wrote this entry. Was too lazy to switch on the computer again. And I am amazed, that my writing really slops downwards even though it slants to the left. Man, I really want to get my writing analyzed to find out my personality!! It always intrigues me when I see a writing similar to mine, and I’ll try observe the said person, hoping to understand myself.  Maybe I should scan my writing and show to the world. Heee.


I must be mad. Seriously mad.

On one look, if you don’t really know me, you would think that it is my kind of heels. Stilettos. I finally started buying them after all these years of avoiding them. I still love stack heels though; my first love. Haha. Still, the thickness would be one inch sideways and one cm max; I hate chunky heels. I hardly buy wedges anymore. Bleurgh. Hate them now. My mom kept telling me how uncomfortable stilettos are when I was younger.  She’s soooo wrong!! It’s not the heels that determine the comfort of the shoes but the soles. I have quite a few uncomfortable 1-inch heels that she pushed me to get.

Nonetheless, this particular pair is so not me. It’s an open-toed patent heel. As if the fact that it is patent is not enough, it is open-toed!!! Urgh. I hate them!! My brains and sanity–what little I have anyway–must have fled when I bought them.

It must have been the fact that it was 50% off. There are no other reason for such a stupid buy.

Arrggghhhhh!!! I hate myself!!

I admit that I love the T-strap. Still!! It’s not enough!!

Gahh!! Now I have a pair of stupid open-toed patent heels.

I’ll repeat it as many times as I want. I am absolutely pissed with myself.

And the stupid thing was that I remember wanting to buy it. Heck, I even hid it in my handbag to avoid my mom knowing!!


I hate myself!!

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