Alive and kickin’

Even though it might not seem like it. I know it’s been quite a few days since my last entry. Actually no, just one day gap. Hehe. Not that much but I have soooo many things to blog about, which is why I feel that I haven’t blogged since forever!! Heck, now that I think about it, I haven’t even written about my escapades before graduation. Heee.

I’m back to my horrible ways. Thank goodness. I lost my appetite last week when I was in Sarawak. Clearly, I must have been home sick. Hahaha. East Malaysia is so just not the place for me. I’m a Peninsular person; West Coast specifically. I doubt I’ll be able to survive in East Coast, to be honest. I would reserve that for holidays. And binge eating trips. Hehe. Me, binge eat, is just as likely as me getting drunk with alcohol (I have the very enviable ability to get drunk without alcohol. I just need the correct company 😉 ). Still, it does feel like binge eating sessions to me. Ahhh… I want to go to Kuantan and eat awesome calamari!!!! Sotong!!!!!!!!! Nothing in West Coast could ever compete!!

The way I say these is as if the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia just consist of Selangor. Hehehe.

Still, my horrible ways… eating Cadbury Bytes!!! Omigod!! It’s absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!! Hahaha. I miss it soooooo much!!! Haven’t had that since went back to England. I am still crazy over short bread though. God knows when I will stop being crazy over short bread; started when I was on my way to Durham; had no food with me except for the Irish short bread. Awesome gila. Hahaha. I miss using “gila” (literally crazy) after everything. Hehehe.

It’s so easy slipping back to the various Malaysian dialects/accent. It’s so cool. Hahaha. My cousin was impressed that I still haven’t lost my own unique dialect/accent (I really am not sure which it falls into. I know Kelantanese would definitely be a dialect, since they use their own terms. I don’t know whether the terms that I use is just from my area or if everyone knows it), which combines the dialect/accent of almost every Peninsular state, and now with a taste of… Sabahan? Tawau? dialect thanks to Vic.

My psychiatrist mentioned that I have a slight change in my accent too. And just like Malay, it’s a mixture. Hearing someone having a different pronunciation of a word would always make me confused with how should I pronounce the said word (Zaire comes to mind. I still have no idea how one should pronounce the word!! Gahh!!). I usually end up following the other person’s. Though thank goodness I still pronounce certain words the same… (Young comes to mind… Akk!!)

But damn!! I made bloody sure I didn’t change my accent!! I panicked, though she rushed and assured me, most of my pronunciation was still the same.

Though it is a good discovery, to find out that she has a sense of humor.

I also learned that once you’re an Irish celup, you would forever be one. Or maybe if you study medicine. I don’t know; seem to come across doctors only who have studied in Ireland. Okay that’s a lie. Still, blablabla.

Told her of my “fear” of calling Queen’s in case I couldn’t understand their super thick Northern Irish accent. Always wanting to know if my fears are founded, she asked me why. Told her it took my forever to understand one of my Irish tutors. Surprisingly, she responded with a super thick Irish accent.

I was rather surprised. She never laughed at any of the silly things I said. I sometimes worry if she even has a sense of humor.

Now I can put my worry to rest. Also, she is my psychiatrist, not the other way round.

Ahh… nice to see her again.

One of her students amused me. A different bunch, so I didn’t really mind. If I do mind, I’ll just kick them out like I usually do with the other specialists (except for my ENT, whose student would usually be the one spraying my nose). One of them… I saw from the corner of my eyes, that he kept nodding after every single of my sentence. It’s just so funny. And somehow I could actually see him being a psychiatrist in the future. Very attentive. Or maybe not… Maybe he just nods to assure the patient he’s listening when he’s fantasizing about a car he wants to buy or something.

It sucks when it is possible you would be allergic to your medication. Heck, I get queasy stomach with my anti-histamines anyway!! It is quite ridiculous, the amount of allergies I have. I really hope that I would be able to get these meds. My GP in England told me not to take a 25mg of amitriptyline if possible; I might not be able to take it due to my ibuprofen allergy. And my dear hospital only has the 25mg tablets. Nooo!!! Those meds are awesome okeh!! Or at least, when I was in England it is. Still, it helps with my headaches and stuff. Lets hope the combination in Malaysia is different from England…

Sometimes I sound like I did pharmacy instead of law for my first degree. Seriously… Tsk tsk.

Still, looking at my mom’s medication, nothing crosses my mind. Hahaha. I’m just an expert with my own meds. Nothing more. Hehe.

Though… I would be out of my nose spray before I can see my ENT. And since I haven’t taken any meds from them for over a year, they don’t dare giving me a prescription without me seeing my ENT. Damn!! I suppose at times like this I would need to use my mom’s connections to the university… 😛 Sigh… why was I stupid enough to not request a prescription from England and ask them to give me here? Bleh.

Oh, one thing I realize about psychiatrists/ therapists/ counsellors… They don’t really care what other experts say in a referral letter. They would always ask me to tell them what’s going on and what not. I requested the health center to provide a letter to my psychiatrist on my medications… She believed me without even seeing the letter. Quite surprising. I mean, my developments over the year wasn’t really on the letter anyway… So I can understand her wanting to know it from me directly. Plus, things change quite fast anyway. I just find it… interesting.

I hate doctors that can’t speak the language they choose to communicate with a patient fluently. It makes horrible bedside manners!! It demotivates the patient and a lot of miscommunication could happen. From experience, I hate the MO I saw on Monday. Absolutely hate him. He seem to believe that you can control your thoughts 100%. Thank goodness he’ll be a butchering surgeon instead of a psychiatrist!!

Wrote some stuff when I was waiting for my surgery appointment… But too lazy to type. Wrote quite a number of silly things while I was in Sarawak… also too lazy to type it. Will do tomorrow, maybe. I typed something while I was on the plane, but I can’t find the stupid file. Bleh.

I think I’ll continue with the news on myself tomorrow. Oh, after shopping. Need to shop for some presentable but not tiny clothes to wear for my cousin’s wedding. Well, not really for the wedding. For the times not during the wedding. Am I even making sense? Bleh.

Gonna shop for, you guessed it!! Shoes!! Especially shoes!!

Hahahahahaha 😛

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