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The Birds and the Bees

By Milly Johnson is making me giggle like a schoolgirl a bit too much. I admit that I bought it due to my Britain-sick state. I miss the UK… Okay not so much Northern Ireland since I’ve never been there… Let’s stick to Britain. Though UK is shorter… Ah let’s be specific but not too specific, shall we. 😉

Ahh… pick up the book or check it on amazon.com and you’ll know which part of Britain I’m swooning over.

Hahahaha. I want to go back!!!!

Forget the riddles, I don’t wanna study in Northern Ireland anymore!! I want to study in Scotland; a place where I actually find the accent cute, not confusing. All the shocked faces, do wipe it off. I know most people seem to prefer Irish over Scottish accent. Not me; I just gape at them wondering what they’re saying. Okay that’s me like… before March. Hah!! 17th March I had my confirmation that I can understand Irish accent. Now I can handle any accent, what with being able to understand the Scots and Irish. Damn it, I will make sure I get at the very least 7.5 for IELTS. Bring in any accent for the listening test, baby!!

I is very the cocky. Haha.

I don’t know. I just find Scottish accent just so bloody adorable. Haha. I don’t swoon, I suppose. At least I don’t get annoyed or gape with wonder. Hehehe. Yes, I giggle like a school girl usually. Hahaha.

I should check if LAN would accept if I do an LLM in Scotland instead. Heee.

Now Faliq, wouldn’t that be better? I’ll be in Britain instead of Ireland. 😉 Though somehow I think it’ll take less time to fly to Belfast rather than a train to Edinburgh; cheaper even. Haha. However, you get to see loads of sheep on the way!!! 😀

And I might just fulfill your “prophecy” of my getting married to a Scottish… what was it? Haha. Though lets hope that the other parts of your prophecy would not be fulfilled.

Urgh. Marrying a former Catholic.


Like I said, I’m a Catholicist. Blek.

Oh oh!! This is soooooooo cool!!! Or more like, cool gila!! Hahaha. Just look at the skating!! *Jealous* Especially when Máiréad Nesbitt plays the fiddle. OMG. If they ever had Riverdance on Ice… I imagine it would be like that… except with much less hand movement, of course. Hahaha 😛 Oh, and the starting!!!!

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