Of wonderings…

I’ve been reading The Tea House on Mulbery Street by Sharon Owens (finally!! After 3 years of wanting to read the book!! The gorgeous desserts. Oh my!!) for the pass 30 hours. Well, big gaps since I slept a lot. I don’t know why but I feel absolutely tired. I’m also trying to slow down my readings… Sometimes I’m confused as to which character is in which book and what not…

Located in Belfast, the story is not presented like your typical book. It has a lot of very short chapters, and a lot of characters. A very unusual way of presenting a story. And somehow, the characters seem to be having affairs left right and center.

The author seems to shade Belfast in a bad light in my opinion, which is rather unusual. Usually I find authors try to portray the location in such good light that I start doubting whether that said place is so great after all. Maybe that is why I seem to not like London, after all the hype I’ve read. However, I also know that since I absolutely hate KL, it is reasonable to hate a bigger and busier city like London…

Even though Belfast is the biggest city in Northern Ireland and second to Dublin for Ireland, it does seem small. Very suburb-y. The more I flip through the pages, the more I wonder… Will I love Belfast just as I did my alma mater city? Even though I’ve been to Dublin, I spent most of my time there sleeping (hahaha. Main reason why I went to such a boring country after all!!), so I don’t really know how big the city is. However, considering that I felt content there… I’m guessing it is not that big after all. And if that is the biggest city in Ireland…

I don’t know. Suddenly I feel a pang of regret for not making sure that I would be able to get the place for LLM. I know it is their fault for not responding to my mail, but I also know it is my fault for not emailing them earlier about how to go about filling the form. I could have done that earlier, but I was caught up with so many things.

Oh, I don’t know. I would love to study in Scotland for now; I still feel strongly for that. However, Scotland is dreadfully cold. And even though Belfast is in Northern Ireland, Ireland is a much smaller island than Great Britain is. Oh, I don’t know…

Somehow, slowly, I realize that I actually have fallen in love with the UK, gray weather and all. No surprise on liking the gray weather as I hate the sun so much.

I remember in my first year, when I went traveling in Italy, and when we arrived at London Stansted, I was thinking, “I’m home!!” and I really felt that way. A feeling that I never felt when I arrive in Malaysia.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m always happy when I arrive in Malaysia, with the variety of food and the cheap shoes I could get… However, it is a different feeling. Every time I fly back to England, I feel happy, relieved, free. Oh, I don’t know.

What I definitely know is that I miss the UK very much.

The saddest thing is that, I don’t know when will be the next time I go there.


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