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Anonymous Assistant

I’m addicted to reading Anonymous Assistant. I don’t know why. I keep clicking on a new story. It’s just absolutely hilarious and soooo well written. Gahh.

I’m really filling up my time reading stuff. Everything but the news. I have no idea what happened with Pematang Pauh. Heck, I am not exactly sure who is running even. Oh, I did go see that website just now; but I was on a mission, hell bent on wanting to stop traffic coming from there, I didn’t bother reading the entries peppered on that by-election. I know I’m horrible.

I’m also addicted to skirts now. I realized, slowly, that skirts make my ass look nicer than pants. Thanks to my Chinese genes, I have a flat ass; thanks to my Malay genes, I have a wide ass. Wide flat ass; how nice. Urgh.

Been swiping my credit card that would ensure my mom to run around the house chasing after me with the clever to chop me up. Too bad; I’m pissed with her, so she has to bear with it. However, she also knows that I would compensate by not spending any money on clothes till next August. So no biggie.

I’ll continue later… I just can’t stop reading AA. Just…

What the hell am I doing still typing???

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