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Bleurgh part II

Hrmph. So I painstakingly trawled over that website‘s contents… See how in the world did I get traffic from that website. And now I know how it works. So I would never ever mention that website by name ever. Shock the hell out of me, again, when I saw my stats for today. What the hell man. Still, now that I know. Hrmph.

Better late than never!! If I continue grumbling and still insert that website‘s name, their fans would accuse me of wanting to share their limelight, which I certainly not, as proven by my refusal of using their name in this post.

Now, back to my manageable less than 10 hits a day stats. Where I can see observe the path of my visitors unhindered. Most of them find me due to their searching for Wacky Woolies anyway, which tickles me to no end. They’re oh so adorable!!

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