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Mission very the possible

I’m on a mission: to shock my mom to the point she’ll come round to my way of thinking.

How am I doing that? By shopping!! For clothes though, not shoes… I still don’t want her to be too angry about it. She’s been harping for me to change my wardrobe anyway. So she should be happy with this progress.

What am I trying to achieve, you might ask.

I’ll start by warning you; most people think I’m crazy. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.

I asked my mom to give me a set amount every month for me to spend. Whether higher or lower than currently she’s giving me, it’s up to her. However, a very big problem in that would be the fact that she doesn’t give me a fix sum; never have done that. She always give me over and above what I spend, on top of providing me with a supplementary credit card. However, I only swipe the card when I know I have the cash to “repay” her. She prefers giving me money as and when I finish my mom–which never comes, by the way, since she would give me more about 3 weeks after the last time she gave me.

It frustrates me. I am very lucky in the sense that I never felt that I never have experienced not having money. However, that lack of experience is what frustrates me; I’m afraid that in the future when she’s gone, I wouldn’t be able to cope. Yes, she has trained me enough to ensure that I don’t overspend and I never did–at least, before this anyway. Nonetheless, it is hard to predict the future, right?

Also, her giving me money when I’m out of money means that it is quite hard for me to plan my finances; to save money as well, sometimes. It is complicated.

I asked her to give me a set amount for me to plan my monthly budget. She refused. Her reason? She could afford giving me the money I need for now and why should I suffer?

Why should I indeed.

However, I much prefer “suffering” while she’s around rather than suffer much later in life when there’s no one to save me.

So… by shopping and swiping the credit card loads of times, I’m abusing her trust. I have never done that, or at least not when it comes to money, and this would definitely shock her. Show her that it is possible for me to do it. Also prove that, hey, I don’t only want to buy shoes, ok!! I went to so many shops with pretty shoes, but I refrained. And I am absolutely proud with myself.

I adore Cats Whiskers!! And little.black.book.

My favorite item to buy now are skirts. I am cursed in the ass department. Because of my Chinese genes, I have a flat ass, and my Malay side means that I have wide hips, and ass. And it took quite some time for me to realize, my ass looks better in skirts than pants. So I’m filling my wardrobe with them.


Okay, I’m off to find dinner. And look at the boutiques that are located on the rows of shops in front of my house.

I absolutely love the location of my house.  Will make sure that my mom would never move!! Hahaha.


Oh, updates after all this craze has finished.

Anyway, better buy these things when there’s still sales than when sales end, right???

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