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I miss the two other “DU”s. Dublin and Durham.

Coz I want to sleep so very the badly!!!


Did that practically all the time I was in Dublin. Wasn’t as bad in Durham; I actually went exploring the *bloody* hilly place. Dublin was practically the total opposite!!

Oh c’mon!! Ireland is like one third of Britain!! Even though I would have been only in Ireland for one third of the time I was in Britain… I, well… I thought I would be bored, so I wanted to save Dublin for later!!

And now, since I will be staying in home sweet home…

I still think Dublin as a place to sleep. ZzZZzzzzzZZZzzzzzz…

I miss Dublin.

However, it is just too bloody expensive to fly all the way there from Malaysia; JUST TO SLEEP.

I mean, seriously!!!!

And also, I doubt I’ll be doing much sleeping if I went to Dublin now!! Will be exploring the whole islands of Ireland AND Britain.

Goddamn it, I regret not exploring Britain!!!!!!!! Waaahhhhhh!!!

For Ireland, I would go to Londonderry to rompak that nenek tua of her farm. Dan menetap di sana.


I still remember her!! Trust me, I will forever and ever remember her.

Oh, will explain the change of title later. Rather busy actually; which is why I can’t sleep. Sigh…

And Budget!! OMG I can’t believe I missed listening to it!! I blame my mom for not telling me about it!!

She had the cheek to bloody scold me!! Knowing that I don’t read the papers!!

Oh, and before you start, it’s doctor’s orders for me not to read the newspapers. I do break it once in a while. Okay, often, but not often enough. However, like she emphasized a lot of times, I should deal with my problems first before I start with the nation’s or the world’s. Which is why I’m reading a lot of fiction nowadays.

Still, I read a lot of newspaper already. My mom being the very dedicated economist she is, with jet lag and all, she went buying every single newspaper available; in languages that she can read, of course. And even read that stupid website. I only read the papers; as you might have figured out, I hate that website. Truly.

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