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I’ll be away from today. Should have been since Friday, but a lot of things happened, like my things from England arriving, finally. Hehehe. Anyway, yes, I will be going back to my mother’s hometown today for Eid, which will be on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the man on the moon.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been super busy baking. I have several drafts, to be honest. However, every time I realize I should go down and bake. And now my Mom suddenly say that I need to bake more.


My room is in a super big mess. My wardrobe is bursting. And I don’t know how to arrange my books because there’s so many of them!!

Nonetheless, I’m just sooooo happy my things from England has arrived!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Eid Mubarak everyone!! Have a blessed Eid.

And Faliq, I hope by the time I come back to Selangor, you’ll be back in East Midlands. If not, curse the idiotic British government!!

Oh, will be back by Saturday next week, I think…



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Journalists professing to be unbiassed and educated are soooo biassed and so uneducated.

Why are Malaysians just ungrateful for the little things that the government do to ease our lives?

Why do we always want everything that could be given?

They point out how unwell our economy are.

Yet, in another article say that we have a big current account surplus so we’re doing well so we should subsidize petrol more.

Seriously, could you decide what you want to write?

Especially when it is facts to back up your opinion, not just reporting facts?


Unbelievable, that studying UK judges’ adjudication manner is affecting how I judge Malaysian journalist.

Ah well. After all, the tutor wasn’t a UK citizen and the definition of adjudication was given by a Canadian academic.

Adjudication is not region or subject specific after all.

Human rights is not just discussed by lawyers anyway.

Sociologists, politicians, journalists with no such training, mamak stall occupiers…

People keep saying that I’m crazy to want to go to Northern Ireland to study.

I would respond because it make sense to study the Northern Irish situation at the place itself, right?

At first I was surprised how such thing could happen.

After all, the Irish are a very proud bunch. They are very proud to be Irish.

Yet, during those situations, they concentrated on their differences; their politican ideology and their religion.

So many people were killed.

We should be proud of one thing, we Malaysians.

We have more differences than the Irish then.

Yet, how many people were killed because of our differences?

Did May 13 become as long as the situation in Northern Ireland?

Must we really emphasize our differences?

Do you really think than unity in diversity that impossible?

Oh, I do want to emphasize that I would leave the country the moment it turns secular like Turkey, or have the government superimpose a single race on all the citizens. It’s fake and would never actually address the tension between race.

Not to mention breaching one’s human right to identity; usually worded in someone’s right to private life.

I support education instead of just hushing people and saying it is a sensitive issue.

Seven sensible pumps

September 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I have seven sensible pumps.

For work. Bought them with my mom when we were in England.



And all soooooo not me!!


I want to buy shoes!!!! Grrrr…

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Why is it almost impossible for Asian parents and just generally older people than you who happens to be Asian seem to think that respect is their right instead of something that needs to be earned, regardless your age?

There’s a limit to it; if you don’t respect the younger person, don’t expect the person to continue respecting you.

Here’s to a fight against age discrimination.

And I am not talking about the usual age discrimination!!


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Humorous Pictures
more animals

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Humorous Pictures
more animals

Great Irish Famine

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For the life of me, I can’t remember exactly how the conversation started. I’m thinking it might be somewhere along when I was saying I want to study in Galway then switching to the constitutional rights of babies born on Ireland (i.e. including Northern Ireland, UK) to Irish citizenship (i.e. Republic of Ireland citizenship) and how people die slower than babies are born in Ireland.

To be honest, I was quite surprised, at first, till I remember I had my friend in Ireland going to a pharmacy to check if they sold condoms there.

To which he responded, “Nani, Ireland might be a Catholic country but they do accept that there are people from other religion that might allow contraception!!”

Hehehe. Sorry la!!

Still, when we had the seminar on Northern Irish abortion law, I wondered again. After all, my friend didn’t actually provide proof. Picture or whatever.

So when I went to Dublin, I just had to check it for myself.

I couldn’t stop laughing while Fatin was weighing herself. Okay, I wasn’t laughing out loud for too long. I didn’t want to be admitted to the Irish equivalent of Tanjung Rambutan when I came from the town with the biggest teaching hospital in Europe.

Imagine my Law School receiving a letter stating that I’ve been detained under the Irish equivalent of Mental Capacity Act. And my personal tutor wondering why in the world did he get a crazy personal tutee. Must be why he decided to specialize in mental health law.


Anyway, so… I think I was saying that surely they would have enough land in their tiny island to cope with the old population, what with the people dying during what I called “Great Potato Famine” since I remembered it was due to potatoes. I remember that “singer” saying the Catholic church hid potatoes in Father Ted!! See… you get to learn history while watching such a stupid show; not so stupid after all. I love watching Father Ted. Hahaha. So silly.

So… Beda was saying the Irish should diversify their crops. Including creating a new motto for them.

Majulah agriculture untuk negara.


Just try imagining any Mat Saleh trying to say that?


I remember the mushrooms that I buy from Sainsbury’s come from Ireland. They do tell where they get the fresh fruits and vegetables from.

So I suppose even before Beda came up with the motto, they have adopted it.

Cis, I still remember I didn’t buy Irish potatoes for Faliq when I was there.

Oh well.

I miss eating potatoes for 2 weeks straight.

A weird fact about my relationship with potatoes: I crave potatoes when I get my menses.

Weird eh?

Not chocolate, but potatoes.

Baked potatoes, roast potatoes, mash potatoes, fries/ chips, chips/ crisps, any kind of potatoes!!

Okay fine, I mean ubi kentang, not those other kind of ubis.

I don’t like sweet potatoes. Bleurgh.

I miss living in the land where people like to consume potatoes.

My mom used to say, when I was about 10, that if she put me in a competition to eat the most potato, me, a 10 year old Malaysian girl, competing with an American man, an English man and and Irish man, I would still win.

10 year old girl winning.

That’s how much I like potatoes.


I hate rice. Bleurgh. Don’t like.

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