Fasting month

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Starting from tomorrow–or more like, today–Muslims around the world would be fasting. It’s nice to start it back home, in a Muslim country, where it is consistent for the whole country that the Malaysian Muslims would be fasting at the same time. Nonetheless, the Islamic Society from Uni sent an email telling that Ramadhan starts on the first of September there too. Nonetheless, as for me, I usually fast on the later date of the however many dates of the first of Ramadhan available in England. This is due to the fact that we are forbidden to fast on the last day before Ramadhan. No idea why. Actually, likely I’ve forgotten. So I skip it, and replace it after Ramadhan.

Nonetheless, last year was my record breaking only fasting 10 days in Ramadhan. And I didn’t replace. I don’t think I have to. I had–still have actually–problems with my upper GI system. I’m still burping regardless the amount of PPI I took. Sigh. My psychiatrist advised that I shouldn’t fast. I feel guilty enough; I’ll fast. Just that if the gastric gets bad–I’m getting it again–I’ll break the fast. Okay, fine. I’ll stop when the first butterfly tries to flutter its wings.

Nonetheless, fasting month means one good thing; I would need to stick to a schedule. I would need to take my meds at a certain time as I can’t–or shouldn’t–take them when the sun is up. So… hopefully things would be more stable now.


I need my goddamn therapy!!!!!

When are the exams finishing?

Oh yeah, next week. And the week after she’s going away. So I’ll only see her on the 15th. Can’t wait!!

Ooooooohhhhhh!!!!! My things are arriving on the 13th of September!! I’m so excited~!! I thought they were arriving in December. OMG I get to see my sheep!!!! And my teapot set!!! And my Black Sheep mug and my Baa mug and my and my and my.


I miss them soooo much!!!!

Which is why I decided I must must MUST try and tidy up my room. Which I’m succeeding, since I have bought most of the stuff I wanted to get. 3 years of stocking up for the whole year is a hard habit to break.

Oh crap!! My nose spray!!

*Runs to get it and sprays my nostrils*

Sigh. I wonder if I would need to ask my friend to request a prescription for me and get my medication from England. I know, it’s ridiculous. However, I haven’t seen my ENT for over a year. I need to see him again before I get my meds.

Wonder if I could try convince my psychiatrist I so so desperately need it. I mean, it is in my records and I have been taking them…

Just that, I choose to burden the English taxpayers rather than Malaysians. They are burdened enough by the bloody rich eejits who do not think when buy those gas guzzlers.

Oh well.

Anyway, yeah, I have almost everything set to last me till next August, I think. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Especially on the shower gel front. Nevertheless, not the others, I think. And especially the body butter coming. Oooooo!! Hahahaha. Still, there’s a lot of things under my dressing table. Oh well. At least I know I am well stocked.

My wardrobe doesn’t seem that big. There’s more, but not much. Oh, I know my things are coming. Still, most of the stuff are mostly my coats and winter stuff, which I won’t be wearing here anyway. Still, my lost sheep will be back. Aahhhh. Need to get space for them!! Weee!!!!!


I know I haven’t wrote about the budget. I’ve changed views. I don’t want to be another complaining voice but a grateful one. It is not easy being the government.

Nonetheless, I absolutely love this quote from Round Ireland with a Fridge on politicians… Or what politicians should do more:

“Shrugging, I decided, was good. More people should shrug. You never see a politician shrug (they see it as a sign of weakness), but surely one of the reasons the problems in Northern Ireland have been prolonged is because the politicians on either side never shrug. There is no other physical gesture which comes as close to an embodiment of the fridge philosophy-a quiet acceptance of what has gone, and a healthy lack of concern about what is to come.”
Tony Hawks, pp151-152; written in 1998.


After all, we never had something that happened as bad as it did in Northern Ireland, right?

Don’t lie!! My Malaysian and Northern Irish history is bad, but not THAT bad!!

Okay, Northern Irish much better condition than Malaysian, I admit, since I was reading the books on Northern Ireland while I procrastinate on doing my Criminal Justice and Public International Law essay.

What? That was the only thing that was keeping me sane!!!!!!!!!

Ah, Rudi, I do not know much still about Northern Irish abortion law. I remember one of the parties is fpaNI. However, I only know what NI stands for.


Nonetheless, I remember our last seminar very well. Which was why I applied to Queen’s anyway. 😉

  1. zubaida
    September 2, 2008 at 10:46 am

    wtf. you have a shopping list. clothes lagi. hadoi. im well over shopping nowadays. guess post-turkey made me realised i dont need jackshit clothes i cant fit in my closet.

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