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I had my Eid for this year all planned. The Eid I would spend in the UK if I was going to Belfast anyway…

Term starts on the 29th of September. So life goes on as usual on the first week. The assumption is that I wouldn’t know any Malaysians. Even if I did get to know any Malaysians… Well, Belfast wouldn’t have Goose Fair, right?

What better way to combine Eid but with Goose Fair? Hahaha.

On Eid itself I would continue life as usual; according to my schedule.

However, come Friday… I’ll board a plane to fly back to Britain to EMA and celebrate Eid there!! And go to Goose Fair!! Hahaha.

Simple plan, but one I had sooooo looked forward to!!!


Now, it’s gone… I’ll be celebrating Eid in Malaysia… With family.

Not that that’s wrong or whatever. However, in a way, you’re celebrating it with people you have to celebrate it with. In the UK, I get to choose who I want to celebrate it with. And to me, that makes Eid all the more sweeter.

Because… I don’t particularly like celebrating Eid with my other aunt and my cousins from her. One of them is now my ex-cousin. We’re not blood related, so it makes things easier. Oh, our parents are adopted by my grandmother. That’s why we’re not related by blood.

This year… sigh.

I’ll just stay at my aunt’s house and not go out.

The only thing to look forward to is the cookie baking.

Which reminds me, Beda, can you bring back some for K? Kesian dia. Haha

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