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On my title and layout

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I just got bored seeing the bee every time I check my blog for what was my latest crapping about.

Yeah, I do that sometimes.

So I thought, why not I just change the header image?

I was too lazy to get my external hard drive. I had to transfer all my pictures there as my computer just can’t take the amount of pictures I have. Hahaha. 😛

So I thought, why not look at any other layout?

So I saw this new one. Whatever the name is already. I thought it is cute.


So it’s here to stay!!

For how long, I’ve no idea. Hehehehehe.

On my blog title… It’s because cakes just doesn’t suit me. I don’t like baking cakes; I like baking cookies.  Also, when Beda decided to link my blog to hers, she wrote it as “The adventures of Nani and Che Kam(s)”. So I thought, why not eh? Oh, kambing means goat in Malay; nonetheless, everyone who knows me should know that it actually refers to sheep rather that goat. 😉 Kambing biri-biri is just too long!!!


What in the world do they have fireworks for? Urgh!! I hate fireworks!!!!

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