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It all started with Tasha needing to fill her diary while she’s in Malaysia. No idea how that’s going, but it is somewhat turning into a full blown sleepover at my place. My mom warned me “you would need to tidy up the whole house!!” but that *shouldn’t* be a problem as I am already on my way already. Or at least, with my room, though it still looks horrible. Hehehe.

The time frame is between the 15th to the 24th; when Amni is free. Tasha thought why don’t we invite all our mutual contacts; I thought why not? The more the merrier!! So currently, the list consist of Tasha, Amni, Beda, Adam and I. Beda is thinking of inviting Shaq along. I’m not sure if the others know him, but I’m game. Still… This sleepover consist of 2 parts. And I’m afraid the guys are not invited. 😉 Sorry yah!!

My beloved home’s location is absolutely amazing!! I know I’ve been over the moon about the location while I was on my mission very the possible, but I can’t stop it. With +wondermilk in front of my house (okay I was complaining about it last Friday when they had this annoying party), and little.black.book having two outlets nearby, Cats Whiskers too… Oh my God!! I don’t have to bother lugging myself to Bangsar to find interesting boutiques. Come to think of it, I never did!! Hahahaha 😛

Oh, the first part would consist of us going to 1utama for iftar. No idea where yet. Beda votes for Thai. Amni the Melayu murtad is scared that Thai would be too spicy for her, so she suggested Western. I can’t, for the life of me, recommend any Western restaurant. Jack’s Place can be rather crappy, and Amni thinks Italiannies is over rated. Hmmm… The guys would be invited here, of course. I don’t know what Tasha would prefer.

Nonetheless, one thing’s for sure; we need to leave early to beat the home coming traffic!!

And then we can come back to my place and have our silly sleepover. Hopefully my things will be back then and I’ll have my facial masque and we will be able to give each other silly facials. Hahaha. While having cuppacakes, of course!!

OMG I am excited!! Hahaha. Especially over the cuppacakes!! Nyeh nyeh.

  1. Zubaida
    September 4, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    wei western also jadilah.
    how about chilli’s?

  2. Natasha Haqim
    September 4, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Chilli’s is fine by me…eh, do the guys know about our plans for buka puasa????

    I’m a little excited to see you guys!

    Dates guys, dates! When do we meet then?

    P.S. Cuppacakes + Sleepover sounds awesome!

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