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September 4, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

The last time I checked my address, I have a bloody Selangor post code!! And have Selangor in my address!!

Why the FUCK does facebook classify Petaling Jaya as Wilayah Persekutuan?

Goddamn it!! Tell me whyyyyyyyyyyy????????????????????????????????????

As you can see, I fucking hate being known as someone who lives in KL. I live in SELANGOR, goddamn it!! I don’t bloody care that I live in a “fake” Damansara.


The bloody LDP which separates my area from KL? That’s a super important boundary to me!!

Fuck you, facebook, for getting your freaking facts WRONG!!!

I bloody hate KL!!!!!!!!!

Which is why my hometown will be classified as Selangor.


This coming from someone who was born in KL.

How loyal I am.

However, screw you!! I hate KL and their people who acts as if they’re Londoners; always in a rush and so bloody RUDE!!

I know I’m being one as well, but I am damned pissed that PJ is lumped with KL.


On another note, I’m listening to Boyzone.


OMG I feel OLD!!!!!!!

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