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I’m somewhat a junk collector. I was not so bad in England since I had to move every year. It is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddd back home. Absolutely horrible. Back in England, I don’t think twice before I dump something into the recycling bin (oh of course I do this!!), but when I’m here… I’ll keep them forever.

I have magazines that date back to 2000!!!! Cleo, mostly. I still have the first issue of Malaysia’s seventeen!!!

And I have two big drawers full of scrap paper; paper which I only used on one side.

I also have files and files of my A-levels notes which I am quite positive I would never ever need anymore. I’ve dumped my Economics notes to my mom’s room. She wanted me to get it back from Amni, no way am I going to be the one who takes care of it.

Christmas presents which I never appreciated. I’m getting rid of them!!

Pinter cartriges, pens that can no longer be used…

OMG, I didn’t realize how many different types of moisturizers I used to have!! And most of them are runny already anyway. Binning them!!

Old makeup. Most of them tubes of mascaras. God, I use a lot of mascara. Considering that my natural lashes always hit my lenses when I wear glasses, I don’t know why I’ve been using so much. It’s addictive, you know? And old lipsticks which I will no longer use since I use lipgloss now.

Arty stuff which I can no longer use. I’m soooo not good with the paintbrush. Should get rid of them and get a set of crayon and color pencils. For the occassional mood of wanting to draw. Used to get them in England. I just had to start drawing. I used my precious colored pens and highlighters. Ooooo!!! I’ll miss drawing on Christmas cards, definitely!! Actually, come to think of it, I could do it from here!! Just that… the post office is not as near as it was when I was in England. Oh well.

Comic boooookkkssss!!!!!! However, I’m keeping them!! Hahahaha.

Broken stuff that I cannot repair. Apart from shoes, I try to repair everything!!

Old clothes!! Those that can’t fit, beyond repair, too loose, too faded, too everything!! I’m dumping them!! It’s too degrading to let people wear them!! Really!!

Gahh!! Too many junks!!

And I just can’t, for the life of me, throw away the magazines without going through it to find if there’s anything that I might want. Which will take forever!! Urgh!!!

I wonder where am I going to put my sheep collection. Hmmmmm…

I need to go to IKEA once I’m done rearranging stuff in my room!!

Urgh!! I sooooo want to get a new bed and get rid of the built in wardrobe, if possible!!

However, I know my mom would nag that I have an antique bed. Well, that’s just too bad. I want a bed where I can put stuff underneath!!


I hate my room!!

I’m doing “spring cleaning” in autumn. How ironic.

Okay fine, use Australia’s seasons.

So not nice. Hrmph.

I mean, Christmas in summer????


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