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I have A LOT of magazines.

OMG I just finished with CLEO and Women’s Weekly. The latter has a lot of recipes. Which make me doubt if any is any good.

I’m just left with seventeen. No longer buying that magazine. Flipped through last month’s, and I remember thinking why in the world do I buy this magazine?

Must be the make up tips that I needed then. It can’t go that outdated anyway. Also, since I read CLEO, which has more stuff in it, I wouldn’t need seventeen.

And I’m, after all, already 21.

Anyway, while tearing out the recipes in Women’s Weekly, I saw a tiramisu recipe. Oh goody!! Another one!!

Last weekend, the day before Ramadhan started, my mom had a breakfast party for her closest friends. We brought back the sponge fingers from England as I couldn’t find the time to make tiramisu there and since it is quite hard to get them here. Well, it is not exactly available at Tesco’s like it is back in England!!

Anyway, a huge myth about tiramisu that it is hard to make.


With a hand mixer, it is ridiculously easy!! Ask Faliq!! I made him do it without an electric mixer but a baloon whisk!! Ask Tasha, she could confirm that it was still oh-so-heavenly!!

The only “troublesome” thing about tiramisu is needing to dip the sponge fingers into coffee. Not too much though; it’ll turn everything soggy. Just dip them a bit so that the sponge fingers could absorb the moisture in the cream mixture. Arrange them in the dish, pour the cream mixture… and that’s it!! What’s so hard about dipping cookies into coffee and pouring things over it?

You know what, I think from now on I’m going to try making tiramisus from this website. Will try all the recipes, so long that it is possible to get the ingredients. An interesting thing to note that most of the recipes call for Irish cream to be used for the liquor instead of some Italian liquor. Interesting, eh? An ignorant might think it’s Irish by looking at the recipes. I can’t tell you why they recommend Bailey’s, to be honest. The only thing I know about Bailey’s is that it contains milk and leaving it outside and think it is not going to go bad is plain silly. (Hint hint. I’m still angry. Hrmph. I’m going to call you Coward from now on; after the Noel Coward theatre. I pick the best part of the name for you. Arrggghhhh!!! And the “Noel” part mocking me since I was supposed to come stay with you during Christmas. Hrmph. I am so angry that I let Westlife play!! OMG!! I should delete their songs. Urgh!!)

So anybody who is adventurous enough to bust this myth, why not try this tiramisu recipe that I’ve put on my very neglected recipe blog? Click here; I don’t feel like copying and pasting it here. This is not a recipe blog.

And I’ll promise to blog more there, for your sake, Amni.

I really need to start measuring when I cook. Sigh

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