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I finally braved myself and went to the +wondermilk cafe in front of my house. I didn’t want to just buy a box without trying their icing.

I’m quite particular when it comes to the icing. I can’t take icing that is too sweet or where the sugar could still be felt, i.e. where it is not beaten well.

I like the sweetness of sugar. However, I don’t like the taste of sugar itself without it being mixed with other things. I have a sweet tooth (just one. Hehe), but I’m not the type of girl who would dip her finger into the sugar bowl.

Oh, I love eating cookie/cake batter. However, I would always make sure it is well mixed. I always make sure the sugar is well beaten.

With the exception of rubbed in recipes. Those, it is usually because they want to use the sugar to make it crispy. Why do you think the nestum cookies were so yummy?

I get headache if there’s too much not well beaten sugar.

I’m also a snob. I was wondering if they used margarine for their icing… I prefer to go without.

However, let me also say that people usually use margarine for making icing. Butter doesn’t have the same consistency at all temperature. So, in a way, I’m asking the impossible. Which is why I usually go without.

They do use margerine, as far as I can tell. And the sugar, at least on the icing that was on my cuppacake, could still be felt. So no worrying that I’ll cross the road everyday to get cuppacakes 😉

With the maxi costing RM4.50 each, it is quite pricey. However, when you look at them, you know why they have to charge that price. It is a work of art. And the size of the cuppacakes!! They need loads of patience that I don’t possess. I think due to that it is worth it, margerine icing and all 😉

However, I love their chocolate icing. Absolutely heavenly. Ahhh… And their chocolate-based cuppacakes. Amagad!!

Maybe I might cross the road and get them once in a while…

Nonetheless, I am a bit disappointed with the chocolate chip ones. It doesn’t look as if the chocolate chip is in the batter. It is like… they dropped chocolate chip at the base of the cup, and then they pour in the vanilla batter. I can understand the using of the same batter, but could it be, after you mix the vanilla batter, you take some of it into another bowl and mix chocolate chip inside the batter? It would make it yummier, in my opinion. (I hope this would be taken as a constructive criticism; I am telling you what I think could make it better after all…)

Oh, I don’t use “in my humble opinion.” Because I find people using it are kind of hypocretes. They usually don’t sound humble at all, and saying that it is their humble opinion doesn’t make it sound humble. Or at least, to me it doesn’t.

Oh, and orders need to be placed at least a week before the event. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be ordering them for our sleepover if it’s going to be next week, as Beda suggested. I’ll get the one piece ones, alright? All of you love chocolate? I’m getting the chocolate icing ones only unless you indicate otherwise. I’ll ask you on msn or text you about it anyway.

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