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Why is it people usually only describe shoes as “fuck me <an article of clothing>”?

I’ve only ever heard “fuck me shoes.” In novels, in articles (seriously!!), in blogs, in plays, amongst friends; you name it.

The weirdest thing is that, for the life of me, I can’t imagine how shoes became the “lucky” item.

Should it not be, say, skirts, be considered for “fuck me skirt” since it is the nearest to the relevant… shit, is it organ or anatomy? Whatever; it’s the piece of outer clothing that is nearest to the genitals.

Or even a top. A fuck me blouse. Make sense as well.

However, people just pick shoes to be considered utmost sexual. Or so it seems from having the term “fuck me shoes.” Does everyone seem to secretly have shoe fetish? Just, how bad it is?

Beda was saying my silver heels that I was crazy over in this post, that I wore when I saw her and Fatin, was what she and her friends in Turkey called “cfm” shoes. Come fuck me shoes.

She’s not the first one to mention that on my taste of shoes. Several friends have mentioned that I may be a conservative dresser from ankle up, but not for my shoes.

And people say one can tell a lot from one’s choice of shoes…

I want to find a book that would be able to break down someone’s personality from their choice of shoes.

I’m very curious.

Why would someone who thinks she’s asexual (I’m not sure whether I’m in or out of the closet; or if there’s even a closet) be drawn to fuck me shoes?

Oh, I don’t find sex disgusting. I do find sex disgusting if it’s between a tutor and tutee, or with a doctor and a patient. And Keri Russell in Waitress was the utmost sin to me; however I found it funny in there.

Oh, I know it is normal to have crushes or fall in love even with one’s tutor. Being an academic’s child, believe me, I know. One of my mom’s (then) unmarried colleagues used to cuddle up with me and read the silly letters that her students wrote to her. Recalling them, they can be absolutely ridiculous.

Oh, my mom was too fierce to get them, I think. She never told me if she got them.

Also, getting the supposedly good looking tutors, I’ve seen my classmates fall for various tutors. Man, I still remember how the atmosphere of the lecture theatre changed when one of my tutors, who was also our lecturer, told a story–which he really did not need to include her–to the class. I remember feeling disappointed with my friend; disappointed that our theory that he was gay was crushed. Hahaha. He’s just very loyal, I guess.

You know, there was even a guy that fell for one of my male tutors. I was shocked, initially, at his frankness. And annoyed; is it just me that see how wrong it is? And then even more shocked at how much he hated him after that. Maybe he felt betrayed. Aww…

I don’t know why I find it wrong. Maybe it’s because I’ve been around academics all my life that, liking them, regardless how near their age to mine, is wrong. Maybe it’s like, falling for my mom’s colleague? And they don’t have to be my tutors anymore. It is for my whole life, in my mind, I would think that that person, is my tutor. No such thing as “he won’t be your tutor anymore soon!” for me.

Oh; it usually just applies to those who have taught me only. If I see an academic walking pass (sometimes you can’t be sure; after all, grad students could be really old. So you just assume that that might be a grad student 😉 ),  he’s good looking (okay, Yan [I think it’s her] once said that it is a bit scary that I usually look at female tutors. There’s more to look at!! Their outfit and shoes!! Men, just the face. BORING!!) and I’ll look. And if I see him again when I pass by, I’ll try to steal some glances. My tutors; before going in, see a guy. Oh, he’s cute. Go into the room. The same guy addresses the class. Oh, he’s my tutor. Suddenly, any interest in “washing my eyes” with his looks would evaporate. Frustrating; so I’ll complain to my friends–who actually want good looking lecturers–about how unlucky I am on getting one.

They absolutely hate me for that.

In my mind, my tutors should be old enough for me to use one finger to push them down. Hahaha. Okay, maybe not tutors, but it definitely apply to professors. I would be the person who would go around complaining about the fact that I got a young professor (which I did anyway and got yelled at by a friend for being “utterly ungrateful”).

However, I do realize that most of the attraction towards men described above is a bit… fabricated. Because, I don’t feel that way.

Maybe I’m a lesbian. Hmmm… I’m open to that… Hahaha. 😛 Maybe can share her shoes and clothes too!! Haha. I’ll be wanting a UK 6/ US 8 shoe sized lady, alright?


With doctors… I don’t know. They just cease to have a gender to me. Once I know that person’s my doctor, it’s like my mind super impose on them scrubs (absolutely the most unfashionable thing to wear. I absolutely hate wearing them when I was in the hospital. No idea why they make patients wear them too!! Just think, you can’t wear heels with it. How… urgh…) and suddenly become androgynous. Though for some reason, even though he is usually already in scrubs, it is an exception with my dentist in England. He is just… *sigh* Maybe I’m straight after all. Hahaha.

The thing is, doctors don’t need to have a gender to be better at their job. They are supposed to be immune to the patient’s looks, sex appeal, whatever. I do emphasize on the fact that “they’re supposed to.” I know they’re only human.

However, I would prefer to have a male gynae. I hated mine. I told the OBGYN clinic that I no longer want to see that snobbish woman anymore if I ever come again. Oh, the whole hospital goes to her when their wife–or them, if she’s the one pregnant–needs an obstetrician. She’s a full-prof now. I, however, absolutely hate her. She doesn’t believe it when I say I’m in pain, because, according to her, it should not.

Well, shouldn’t it be an unusual symptom then?

So I’m still suffering from horrid period cramps.

Out of curiousity… what would you think about female lecturers that wear fuck me shoes? Are they trying to get the attention of their colleagues or their students?

I mean, when you think about it… it is quite uncomfortable to stand for an hour in stilettos… And to do it day in day out…

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