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Oh snap!!

September 7, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I just read about my pain-medication… Seems that it makes one more prone to getting sun burnt.


Thank goodness I do wear sunblock all the time since my skin peels if it is exposed to the sun too much. No idea why it skips the reddening and go straight to peeling. Maybe it is just absolutely impossible for my skin to turn reddish.

They suggest wearing hats when I’m outside.


Sadly, most of my hats are made out of wool. Unlikely I could use comfortably in Malaysia. In fact, it might even give me headache from the heat!!


And the hats here are just… urgh.

If only I knew in England!! I would have gone crazy at Accessorize!!

So now I’ll be putting Beda’s gift for my birthday to good use then!!

Problem: how to match it? Hmmm…

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