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September 8, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

loaning someone triple your age a bra that you no longer wear; you wore it when you were 16. She asks if it is really yours, but she is in no position to ask as she desperately needs it. I don’t know, her bra stap snapped? And you said “yes auntie, it was mine; 5 years ago. I no longer wear that size” Her face is of shocked. She thought her boobs were big enough already.

No, I did not experience that. However, it would be interesting to experience it, don’t you think?

Spring cleaning on the go!! Getting rid of sooo many things. Already on my 3rd black bag!! Eeekkk!!!!

I feel wasteful. However, I’ve had most of the things for quite some time now. Time to go time to go!!

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