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September 9, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m exhausted. Urgh. However, I need to arrange my things now. Bleh. There’s a huge pile in the next room. I still haven’t cleared some of the cupboard space. Oh maannn… When will this end?

Nonetheless, I like the arrangement of my room now. Somehow it feels bigger, even though I don’t have much wall space now as the head of the bed is against the only full wall I have. Now my bed faces the window; the sun would shine on my face if I sleep in the evening. My room faces the sunset, so no problem about sun shining on my face in the morning. Though I think my mom would prefer that… might wake me up. Hehe.

New arrangement for a new era, I suppose. No idea how will I decorate my room though. Hmmm. Would love to go to IKEA again. Got their catalogue today amongst the posts. Would browse through.

Akk!! A night of arranging stuff is scheduled, I suppose.

However, first I want to have some bean curd 😉

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