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I just dragged back everything I owned from the next room… And I am not sure how to arrange them.

And I haven’t gotten rid of everything that I wanted to get rid of.

And to ditch the things that shouldn’t be in my room out of my room…

I feel so bloody tired!! I slept like the whole day, and slept again after iftar, and then wanted to sleep again after my bean curd binging session.

Instead, I did the long overdue plucking of my eyebrows.

Now my eyelids hurt and I’m crying. Well, my eyes are wet anyway.

No way will I able to store all of the things away.

Not forgetting the 6 boxes and a suitcase that’s arriving at Port Klang this weekend!!

Damn it!! I need to go to IKEA!! There’s this really nice rack thingy… They put it amongst toilet stuff… However, I think it is just too pretty to put in the toilet.

Though I should get some storage place for the things in my toilet. Imagine, I use different washes for my legs, my back and the rest of my body. Neck up and ankle down not included!!

I’m sure guys wonder what the heck do girls do while showering.

Don’t even have to be guys; my mom wonder why do I need so many things in the bathroom!!

Sometimes I wish we were in poverty so that I wouldn’t have this many choices. I have no idea who am I being vain for!!

Oh yes, for myself. I forgot.

I’m thinking of getting a table to put in the middle of the room. Or more like in the middle of the carpet at the foot of my bed, so that I’ll be able to use my laptop on a table. And write on a table. Instead of having horrible bed hygiene and do everything in bed. And worsen my insomnia. More like, I find it hard to fall asleep.

Oooohhh!!! My lava lamp!! I’m excited!! Hehehe.

I rearranged my books. I now have one rather empty shelf and one rather full one on my rack. I read waaayyyy too many chic lits during high school and college period. Goodness!! And I haven’t read all of them, come to think of it. Well, not all are chic lits, but it’s, you know, by female authors and is the latest fiction that I can’t really classify as fantasy-like. It’s about normal people, with nothing extraordinary… They have normal job–or as normal as you can imagine, like being clowns–instead of having magical powers or robbing the rich to give to the poor (I have a quite feminist retelling of Robin Hood. Suprisingly, I like it) or going to a restaurant at the end dof the universe. Actually no, I realize, all of them have a similar theme; love. They’re romance books, though not the grossly romance-type books with the kinky pictures. Romance is just one of the themes in the book; If You Could See Me Now has it, unrequited love (or not possible to be reciprocated, since Elizabeth stopped seeing Ivan), In Her Shoes and The Wedding Date are between siblings (and the “normal” type as well on the side). I’m sure The Other Side of the Story would also have some romance element to it.

Okay, so The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy also has it, in a way, between Arthur Dent and Trillian, but, I don’t know… Didn’t fit.

Fine, I can’t rationalize how I arranged the books myself. So sue me. Bleh.

My laundry basket is full with my plushies. Only the small ones. I have 3 normal sized ones on my bed. I also have quite a few on the floor. And more in the boxes. Oh maaannn… And I want to get this big sheep plushie which cost RM89.90. Is it worth it? It’s like 3 feet tall. Maybe less, I’m not sure. I’m soooo soooo tempted!!

Maybe I’ll get it to replace Beep. It’ll be a cheaper version, anyway, since I wouldn’t have to feed it.

However, if I got Beep, it’ll be able to play with me… I wouldn’t need to move it.

I want Beep đŸ˜¥

Biggest regret for not pursuing the Queen’s offer. Sigh. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp!!!!

Gahh!! Seriously, how am I going to arranged all my plushies????

Though admittedly, there’s not that many of them since my mom decided to get rid of some of them. Hrmph. She used the reason of my allergies.

“They’re too old and falling apart and would just be collecting dust.”

She was smart enough to get rid of them before I came back. And when I did, the room just got too messy for me to realize some were missing.


That should be a good reason to get the uber big sheep, right???

Amagad!! Latte!! My first teddy in England!!! It’s arriving soon!!


Excuse the silly name. Mel named it and she’s a coffee addict. Maybe not as bad as I am. Still, just as bad since the teddies that she named are mostly after beverages. Hahaha.

OMG I realized two of my oldest teddies don’t actually have names. I’ve just been calling them “teddyyyy!!!”

I’ll just name one Theodore and the other Theodora. How about that?

Somehow it doesn’t sound as nice as the name Fatin gave my new lamb. Aine Mairead. So sweet… And not frustrating to type, unlike Caoimhe. Hahaha đŸ˜›

Oh, as I have space to fill more books, I am building a book list. I already have 20 authors with 32 books in total. I itemize according to the authors. Any recommendations?

Most of the books currently on the list is to complete the set I have. Hehe.

Ah well… I better go eat for sahur and go to bed and zzzzzz. And wake up to check on the French course!!


Oh, on my previous post; I do not have an eating disorder. I think I grossly exaggerated. Or more like, let the silence exaggerate. I ate the 6 tubs of bean curd in the space of about 6 hours. Not the food shoving kind of binge. Still, I would think it is a large amount. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop me from feeling hungry now. Bleh.

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